The Marine Corps Base Hawaii is also known as the K-Bay. It is situated on windwards side of Oahu on the Mokapu Peninsula. It is about twenty miles north-east towards the Honolulu International Airport. K-Bay is the biggest element of Marine Corps on Oahu. The major installations in the area comprises of the Camp H.M Smith that overlooks the Pearl harbour.

Cost of Living: The cost of living in this part of the world is on the higher side, almost 115% higher than US average.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: 808-449-7110, DSN 315-449-7110

Base Population: There are more than twenty five thousand marines, family members and sailors as well as civilian employees live in the area.

City/Area Population: The population in Honolulu is 991,788.

Child Development Center: There are two centers of child development in the Marine Corps Base Hawaii. One of them is Kupulau and it is located in the building 6111 nearby the Marine Corps Exchange. The other one is Laulima and it is located near the building 6782. The organisations offer part day as well as full day services of School and Preschool programs. The part day and the hourly care services are currently available on the basis of space availability. Further information regarding the services can be acquired by calling at 808 257 7430.

Youth Programs: There are the Youth Activities Departments at the Kaneohe Bay as well as the Manana Housing. These are the member organisations of the Girls and Boys of America. The programs are provided to the youth aged between five to seventeen years of age as well eighteen year olds studying still in high school.

Airman and Family Readiness Center:  808-257-7786 or DSN 315-457-7786

Employment: The base has the Family Member Employment Assistance Program along with the Family and Marine Programs which provide valuable assistance and information regarding employment for the family members of the sailors, marines, retirees and the reservists. The rate of unemployment is about 7.2% and the median income of the household in the area is about $62,613.

Medical Services: The contact number to the medical clinic in the area is 808 257 2265 and the contact number to the dental clinic is 808 457 3100. They are located in the base and the patients of the clinic are referred often to the Tripler Army Medical Central. It is also known as the TAMC and patients are referred here when facilities are not available at the Kaneohe Bay. It is about a thirty minute drive from the Bay and from Camp Smith, it takes just about ten minutes.

Base Services: The base services of the area include the MCCS Facilities and a Commissary. It also has the MCCS Retails, MCX and the MCX Annex. Apart from that, the base has the Windward Federal Credit Union which provides with local financial services, the Bank of Hawaii and the Navy Federal Credit Union.


It was in the year 1918 that President Woodrow Wilson had the area designated for the military. Later, the Kuwaahoe Military Reservation became to be known as the Fort Hase. The Army artillery units, in the year 1941, moved in this area. In the year 1939, a little seaplane was constructed by the Navy and thus the Naval Air Station Kaneohe Bay was expanded. The control of the station got assumed by the Marines in the year 1951 when the naval aviation had moved to the Barbers Point Naval Sir Station. The Marine Corps Air Station Kaneohe Bay got commissioned in the year 1952. All installations in the the state of Hawaii were consolidated by the Marine Corps in the year 1994.

Units: Units of the area include the Helicopter Anti Submarine Squadron Light Three Seven (HSL 37), the first Battalion 12th Marines (1/12 Bn) Field Artillery, the First Battalion 3rd Marines (1/3 Bn), the 21st Dental Company, the 2nd Battalion 3rd Marines (2/3 Bn), 3rd Battalion 3rd Marines (3/3 Bn), the 3rd Marine Regiment, the 3rd Marine Regimental Aid Station (RAS), the 3rd Marine Regimental Aid Station (RAS) etc.

Housing: The contact number of the Family Housing Department in the area is 808 257 2676 and DSN 315 457 2676. It provides with government housing to all the families of the Sailors and the Marines who are assigned to the Marine Corps Base Hawaii.

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