Marine Corps Air Station or the MCAS Yuma is situated in the south-western part of the borders of Arizona between Mexico and California. The area is a hundred and seventy eight miles stretch from San Diego in California to Phoenix in Arizona. The primary mission of the base is to provide support in training for aerial weapons for the Pacific and Atlantic Marine Forces and the Navy. It also serves as the chief base for operations for the Tactic Squadron and the Marine Aviation Weapons as well as the Third MAW units which includes the Marine Aircraft Group.

Cost of Living: It is about 93 percent of average cost of living for most cities in the USA.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: 928-269-2011

Base Population: There are about 4292 military personnel living in the base along with 5531 family members and 2172 civilians.

City/Area Population: The population in the area is 93,064

Child Development Center: The area has the MCAS Yuma Child Development Centre which provides a part day, full day as well as hourly services of childcare to children who are in the age group of six weeks to five years. The reservations for the hourly care services are done on a 1st come 1st serve basis according to the availability of space. You can make reservations about a week prior to your need. The contact number is 928 2692350. All schools providing high, middle and elementary level education are accessible off the base. There as many as three School Districts in the area. The dependent children who live in the installation attend these schools that are located outside the town. The contact number for additional information is 928 269 5373.

Youth Programs: The Youth Center at the MCAS Yuma has been affiliated with Girls and Boys Clubs of America. The contact number is 928 269 3659.

Airman and Family Readiness Center:  928-269-5615 / 928-269-2425 and DSN 312-269-5615

Employment: The Yuma Proving Ground, The Yuma Regional Medical Center and the MCAS Yuma are the areas that generate the most employments. There are as many as fifteen agencies in the Yuma area. The rate of unemployment is about thirty percent and the median income of the household is $44,689.

Medical Services: The area has the Branch Health Clinic and it provides medical and health care to the members of the active duty. The local community provides the Inpatient services and it is also available at the Naval Hospital in San Diego as well as Camp Pendleton. The retirees and the family members are taken care of by the TRICARE. The contact number for the Dental Clinic is 928 269 2353.

Base Services: The base services of the area include the MCCS limited services of facilities. There is also a commissary along with the MCX which is a large Marine Marts with a variety of retail stores. There is also the Armed Forces Bank NA and the Navy Federal Credit Union.


It was in 1928 that the federal government bought out the 640 acres of land near the Yuma area being recommended by Colonel Benjamin F. Fly. Installations of dirt runaways were made temporarily for the military and the civilians to use. It was known as the Fly Field. With the World War II breaking out, the civilian airport was transformed into the Yuma Army Airfield and the facilities were constructed in the year 1942 which was finally activated on December 15 of the same year. The Yuma AAF had been a flight training school for single engine crafts and the Army Air Forces Flying Training Command was responsible for its operation.

Units: Some of the major units of the area include the First Force Service Support Group (CLC 16), the Headquarters Squadron, the Marine Air Control Squadron (MACS 1), the Marine Aircraft Group 12 (MAG 113) etc.

Housing: The family housing in the area has about eight hundred and twenty one units. Of these units, 747 can be designated for enlisting personnel and seventy four for the officers. The contact number for the Housing Office is 928 269 2826 and the DSN is 312 269 2826. Yuma is often visited by the Winter Visitors and the availability of rentals decreases during this time. The median price of the house is about $131,670. The median rent is about $820.

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