The Marine Corps Air Station New Rivers is situated about four miles towards the south of the down-town Jacksonville on Highway 17 in Onslow County, North Carolina. The area of Jacksonville is mostly dominated by the military town with a couple of Marine Corps installations that are located in the particular area. The MCAS New River is a very beautiful location with several nice beaches along the Atlantic Ocean.

Cost of Living:  It is quite less and the prices of the housing have come down as well due to the downsizing of the Marine Corps. Cost of living is 8% lower than US average.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: 910-451-113

Base Population: There are as many as 7499 active duty officers living in the area. There are 595 officers along with 6610 enlisted members living more than ten thousand civilian employees, retirees and 1750 family members.

City/Area Population: The population of Jacksonville is about 150,355.

Child Development Centre: There is a Child Development Centre or CDC in the MCAS New River that offers a wide variety of programs that include full day care with a hundred and seventy two available spaces. It also provides part day care with as many as forty eight available spaces. There is also the part day care for toddlers with twenty four spaces and part day school with forty five spaces available. These organisations also offer hourly care along with special needs care. In order to get more information, you can call 910-449-5633 and DSN 312-752-5633.

Youth Programs: The Youth and Teen Centre of the MCAS New River offers a huge variety of camps as well programs. The contact number is 910-449-6711 and DSN 312-752-6711.

Airman and Family Readiness Centre: 10-449-6185/6110 / (DSN) 312-752-6110/6185.

Employment: It could be slightly challenging for the spouses to find employment in this area. However, there are a lot of jobs available at the Onslow County in the field of retail and service industry. The rate of unemployment in the Onslow County is about 8.5%. The median income of the household is $32,602. You may contact the Employment Assistance Program Counsellor at 910-449-4902 and DSN 312-752-4902.

Base Services

The base services in the area include the MCCS Facilities, the MCX, a commissary and the FSNB Bank at the MCX.

Medical Services

There are as many as three facilities that are available to the family members of the military that are stationed at the MCAS New River. For appointments you may contact 800-931-9501. There is the Naval Hospital which is located in the Camp Lejeune and it provides different medical services. The contact number is 910-450-4656. There is also the Navy Family Practice Clinic which is located in the 3280 Henderson Drive and it provides services to the family members of the active duty military officers as well as the retired personnel. The contact number is 910-455-1457. The third medical service facility is the Family Practice Clinic which accommodates the family members. The contact number is 910-449-5527.


The base had originally been a twenty nine piece of land and a simple stretch with tobacco farm. It was purchased in the year 1941 for an amount of $64,502. The area was investigated by the officials at the Camp Lejeune who were searching for an airfield where they could host aircraft for supporting amphibious operations. The farmland was declared most suitable for the needs of Marine Corps by Captain Barnett Robinson who had been a member of the Marine Glider Group 71.


The units in the area include the Centre for Naval Aviation Technical Training, the H&HS (MCC 024). the HMI 461 (MCC 1HL), the HMH 464 (MCC 1HN), HMHT 302 (Instr – MCC 1TE), the HMHT 302 (Permanent – MCC 1T9), the HMHT 302 (Student MCC J9V), the HMLA 167 (MCC 1HM), the HMLA 269 (MCC 1HM), the MACS-2, DET B (MCC 1DN) etc.


The MCAS New River has some of the best housing facilities for the Marine Corps. There are as many as 4447 units which are excellently maintained and always updated. In order to get information regarding waiting list and applications, you may call the Military Housing Office at 910 219 6460. The affordable housing that are Junior Enlisted are not abundantly available and the median price of the homes is about $134,100.

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