Located near the military town of Havelock, Cherry point houses major units such as the Second Marine Aircraft Wing, the Naval Clinic etc. Thanks to the military base the city has seen massive growth over the decade. Cherry Point is considered to be one of the best jet bases globally because of its extensive runway system. The base is also an emergency landing area for the shuttles launching out of Cape Canaveral. Cherry point has a reputation for having received the Commander-In-Chief’s Installation Award 7 times.

Cost of Living: The cost of living in MCAS cherry 5% lower as compared to the rest of America.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: 252-466-2811

Base Population: The base’s population includes 8,587 members on active duty, 28,561 family Members, 5,771 civilians and a total of 6,677 retirees.

City/Area Population: 22,170 living in Havelock.

Child Development Centers: The base has a full time CDC, Cherry Point Child Development Center that offers part-time, full-time and hourly services for kids between the ages of six weeks and twelve weeks. The center is a result of collaboration between Child Development Program and Youth Activities. The office can be contacted at 252-466-3595.

Youth Programs: Cherry point’s Teen center can be contacted at 252-466-4831.

Airman and Family Readiness Center: (252) 466-4364.

Employment: Cherry point’s on base Family Member Employment Assistance Program (FMEAP) is a program initiated to help the family members of the working personnel find employment and get education etc. The rate of unemployment at North Carolina is around 10.8% with the average income of a household being a little more that $52,000 per year.

Base Services: The base offers the following services to the members and their families, MCCS Facilities, a local Commissary, MCX, First Flight Federal Credit Union and First Citizens Bank & Trust services.

Medical Services: The basic health services are provided by Naval Health Clinic and all emergency cases are looked over by on base ambulance services. Medical appointments can be made at 866-698-5834.

History: The base supposedly gets its name from a post office in the locality that was closed down in ’35. Apparently the post office used to be around cherry trees. The base first got authorized when Congress threw in $14,990,000 to clear the area and begin construction. With unprecedented delays due to extensive work involved with the natural growth clearance, construction began around 2 weeks before the attack on Pearl Harbor which led to quickening of the construction process.

The base was first named as Cunningham Field after the Marine Corps First Aviator Lt. Col. Alfred A. Cunningham and was later renamed to its current name.  During World War II, the base’s primary mission was to train marines in anti-submarine operations (they later sunk a German boat off the North Carolina coast). The base also participated in the Korean War by sending a line of airmen, maintenance crew to replace the already deployed units.

The base also was a part of the Vietnam War where it sent A-6 Intruder planes to the far corner of the war torn country to provide a steady support to the U.S military. It also did the same during Operations such as Desert Storm and was a contributor to the victory in Southwest Asia.

Like dozens of other bases, the attacks of September 11th led to the initiation of Operation Enduring Freedom started one of the most intensive military operations ever. Airmen, Marines and sailors from Cherry Field started strike missions and are still participating in them in Afghanistan and the territories around it. Multiple squadrons such as Prowler and KC-130 are still being requested for support on the on going effort to subdue terrorist activities.

Units: Cherry Point has the following units on base functioning actively, The Headquarters Squadron, the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing, the Marine Aircraft Group 14, the Marine Air Control Group 28, the 6th Special Security Communications Team, the Combat Logistics Company 21 and the Fleet Readiness Center.

Housing: The average cost of a house in Cherry Point is $149,072 and the average rent is a little over $880. Members looking for on or off base help regarding residence can call 252-466-3602/4794 (DSN) 312-582-3602/4794.

Pictures of Base

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