Marine Corps (MC) Mobilization Command (MOBCOM) was a Marine Corps based located at 15303 Andrews Road in Kansas City, Missouri. This facility was a major general branch of the Marine Force Reserve, which operated this command to provide support to all Mobilized Training Unit Marine reservists, Individual Mobilization Augmented (IMA), and Individual Ready Reserve (IRR.)

MC Mobilization Command Marine Corps was established after the realignment of the Reserve Support Command and was considered an important part of the Force Headquarters Group, being the widest command within the Marine Corps. This facility served to call to duty the different U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Units across the country and dispatch them to their missions. At a time, MOBCOM provided those units with extra personnel (if needed) and support services.

MC Mobilization Command Marine Corps was also in touch with those Marine units to make sure of their readiness to the call from the main command. After a short-lived time the closure of MOBCOM was announced and the U.S. Marine Corps Forces Reserve headquarters moved to New Orleans, Louisiana.

Cost of Living: Kansas City is an extremely livable city that scores 78 livability points, and is ranked number 116 in Missouri and number 4,718 in the USA, with a cost of living equal to the Missouri average and 8.9% less than the national cost of living average.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: Base Operator phone number for this facility was (816) 843-3003, DSN: 894-3003

Base Population: MC Mobilization Command Marine Corps populations included 380 Active Duty Marines and 170 Civilian employees, in addition to 60,000 Marine Reservists that MOBCOM supported.

City/Area Population: Kansas City is the largest city in the state of Missouri, one of the largest cities by population in the United States, and the central city in the Kansas City metropolitan area with an estimated population of 459,787 people in the city, 1,519,417 including the urban area, 2,071,133 within the metropolitan area, and around 2,393,623 inhabitants summing up the combined statistical area.

Child Development Centers: MC Mobilization Command Marine Corps is permanently closed, but there are numerous Child Development Centers, Child Care facilities and school districts in the city area.

Youth Programs: MOBCOM did not provide youth programs, but the Missouri government has different recreational activities and teen programs through the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in Jefferson City, capital of the state. For further information please call at (573) 751-4212.

Family Readiness Center: Family services at MC Mobilization Command Marine Corps are unknown.

Employment: There are no more employment opportunities at MOBCOM after the closure of this facility.

Base Services: During its short existence, MC Mobilization Command Marine Corps had similar military basic services other facilities enjoy.

History: MC Mobilization Command Marine Corps was established in 2004 after the realignment of the former Marine Corps Reserve Support Command and the transition of this latter into MOBCOM was finished one year later, when the facility was also renamed.

However, the Marine Corps reserve has a background story that dates back to 1916, year in which it was established for the training and support of missions across the United States whether in war time or peace time, having the main command headquartered in Kansas City, hence why the MC Mobilization Command Marine Corps was thought to be set in the same city.

Even though, MC Mobilization Command Marine Corps and its parent command (MARFORRES) were transferred to New Orleans on July 2010, and while it was expected a major reorganization of both MOBCOM and MARFORRES by 2011, there is no more information on this Marine Corps base since.

Units: There are no longer any units, troops or staff members at MC Mobilization Command Marine Corps in Kansas City. After its relocation to New Orleans, the MOBCOM service is merely duty reference in the U.S. Marine Corps, but this facility used to host the 4th Marine Division, 24th Marine Regiment, and 9th Marine Corps District.

Housing: On post housing is no longer available at MC Mobilization Command Marine Corps, but the Military Housing Community in Kansas City is located in the quaint district of Belton. This community has 77 Units with single or two-story houses, with three and up to four bedrooms. There are also many other housing options in the city and the whole state of Missouri to rent an apartment, buy a home, or simple find lodging at any of the many accommodation facilities in this and other Missourian cities.







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