March Air Reserve Base, also known to as March AFB, is an Air Force base located in the so-called "Inland Empire" region of Southern California, between the cities of Moreno Valley and Riverside, in the northwestern section of Riverside County and adjacent to San Bernardino County

March AFB is home to the March Field Air Museum, which slogan is "Where stories of civilian and military aviation and March Field come alive!" A slogan speaking out by itself when it comes to the rich stories associated to this facility that is approaching its one hundred years of service celebration.

This base is committed to support U.S. objectives, covering different and varied missions nationwide, including providing equipment and supplies to the Armed Forces Network Broadcast Center, airing military radio and television programming in more than 177 countries in the world.

Cost of Living: Moreno Valley and Riverside are extremely livable cities scoring 78 and 77 livability points respectively, ranking numbers 543 and 410 in California, and numbers 8,582 and 5,859 in the USA, respectively. The cost of living in Moreno Valley is 17.4% less than the California average, but 12% greater than the American average, while in Riverside is 13.7% less than the state average, and 17.1% greater than the national average cost of living.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: Base Operator phone number is (915) 655-1110, DSN: 947-1110. Information about the Base Installation Address can be retrieved at (951) 655-4137, and Information and Referral Services dialing (951) 655-5350

Base Population: March Air Reserve has a population of 7,200 Guardsmen, Active Duty and Reserve personnel, 1,700 Civilians, and 2,000 family members.

City/Area Population: Riverside is the county seat of Riverside County and a city located in the Inland Empire metropolitan area, with an actual population of 321,786 people, ranking first as the most populous city of the county, 12th in California, and 59th in the USA. On the other hand, Moreno Valley is also located in Riverside County, but this city is part of the San Bernardino-Riverside Metropolitan Area, accounting an estimated population of 201,175 by 2013, ranking as the second largest city in the county, 21st in the state, and 112th in the nation.

Child Development Centers: There are no Child Development Centers on base, but March Air Reserve offers many options for primary and secondary education in public schools located in the base area, or private and parochial schools. For further information call the Education Center at (951) 655-3112.

Youth Programs: No Youth Programs are provided on base, but the base Education Center may guide you in the right direction to find one.

Family Readiness Center: Family oriented programs and support at March Air Reserve Base Family Support Center, phone (915) 655-5350.

Employment: March AFB may have employment opportunities available through its Human Resources Office at 1351 Graeber Street Suite 105, March Air Reserve Base, CA 92518-0000, phone (951) 655-7342. For existing staff, call the Personnel Support Office at (951) 655-3028.

Base Services: March Air Reserve Base has several recreational and personal care services, besides basic services available in similar Air Force bases, including a large commissary, a shoppette, fitness center, and more.

History: March Air Reserve Base Air Force was first planned in 1917 after the United States declared war on the German empire. However, this base was not established until 1918 under the name of Alessandro Flying Training Field. When World War I was over, this facility did not have much activity until the attack to Pearl Harbor in World War II which brought it back to life.

March Air Reserve Base was initially a pilot training field, but new conflicts including the Korean War and Cold War, kept it busy in countless missions. In 1996, a military realignment renamed it March Air Reserve Base, which is active up to date.

Units: There are many units of the Air Force Reserve Command at March Air Reserve Base including Air Combat Command and Pacific Air Forces and Air Mobility Command. The base is also headquarters for 4th Air Force Reserve Command, also hosting the 452d Air Mobility Wing, California Air National Guard, Navy Reserve, Army Reserve, and Marine Corps Reserve units.

Housing: There are no on base housing opportunities, but temporary lodging (up to 500 applicants) at March AFB, but the Relocation Assistance Program can help military staff to find a new home around, just call at (951) 655-5350.






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