The MacDill Air Force Base is situated about eight miles from the southern part of Tampa in Florida. It is at the southern extreme of the inter-bay Peninsula of the Hillsborough County in Florida. It is regarded as a “military friendly” community and it hosts the Central Command of the United States as well as the Special Operations Commands along with other teams. The units in the base also includes the 310th Airlift Squadron that operates as many as three aircraft that utilize the flight crews for providing global transportation on the missions of special assignments. The base also has the 6th Operations Support Squadron which provides with the responsibility of management for the entire base that includes the operation of staffing the control tower, services of weather forecasting and services of transient alert.

Cost of living: The indicator for cost living in the Tampa region of Florida has been 99%, almost at par with the cost of living for major US cities.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: 813-828-1110 or DSN 312-968-1110

Base Population: There are about 12,000 personnel of joint service active duty along with 7,000 joint service civilians. The base also has more than two thousand joint service reserves, twelve thousand family members and more than hundred thousand retirees.

City/Area Population: The population in Tampa, St. Petersburg is 2,733,761.

Child Development Centres: The base Has the MacDill Child Development Program which operates as many as 3 CDCs. All the centres have been certified by the DoD and accredited by the NAEYC that offers programs for early childhood.  The contact number is 813 828 5750.

Youth Programs: The base has one Youth Centre which provides with a wide variety of programs for the youth. The programs include youth sports, teen and pre-teen programs, school age program as well as instructional classes. The contact number is 828 7956.

Airman and Family Readiness Centre: 813-828-0145

Employment: The rate of unemployment in the Tampa and St. Peters-burg Clearwater area is about 5.9%. The spouses of the military members who are unemployed may apply for unemployment compensation. The contact number of the Career Source Tampa Bay is 813 930 7400. The median income of the household in the area is about $49,762 annually.

Base Services:

The base services of the area include the force support squadron, the Exchange MacDill with a main store and other shops and a shopette, the commissary and the Armed Forces National Bank and the Grow Financial Credit Union.

Medical Services:

The base has the 6th Medical Group which serves as the outpatient medical facility. It is known for providing with quality care to the patients in the base. Those who are in need of orthopaedics and specialised care may be referred to other facilities or to a civilian specialist. Macdill does not provide with any on base emergency care.


It was in 1939 that the MacDill AFB was established. It was known was the Southeast Air Base, Tampa back then. It was named after Colonel Leslie MacDill who had been an aviator during the First World War. There were two more Army Airfields built for supporting the MacDill AFB – The Hillsborough Army Airfields and the Brooksville Army Airfields. The Bonita Springs Auxiliary Field which was located near the Fort Myers had also been an additional emergency base for landing to the MacDill.


The units of the base include the 6th Air Mobility Wing that includes the 6th Operations Group and the 91st Air Refuelling Squadron. The units have the responsibility of operating the Boeing KC-135R Stratotanker. It is a tanker aircraft of long range which can refuel a wide variety of aircraft anywhere in the middle of air.


The family housing facilities in Macdill is privatised and Harbor Bay at MacDill takes care of the management. The housing facilities have 572 units. The area has about a 169 units that are designated for the officers and the remaining is for the enlisted personnel. All the units are electrically aided and have central heating as well. They come with refrigerators, stoves, garbage disposal connections and dishwashers.

Photos Of The Base

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