Camp Joseph Robinson Army Base is home in North Little Rock, Arkansas, which is the home to the Arkansas National Guard. The camp offers a variety of training of course for National Guard personnel, but also has several storage facilities as well as civilian and military organizations.

Cost Of Living: The rates vary for those living on site, but the camp does provide single, double, and VIP rooms that have their own private baths. The camp offers 155 units with various amenities. For families that do not wish to live on base, the average cost of living is just under 50% of the national average with rental properties being only 21% of the national average.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: (501) 212-5100

Base Population: Since the base does not include the entire acreage it once did which housed around $750,000 soldiers, the exact number is undisclosed at this time. Parts of the base are now under the control of the wildlife management as well as a National Cemetery. The rest of the base offers facilities for Arkansas's Navy, Army and Marine Corpse reserve centers and the main headquarters for the National Guard's Joint Forces Headquarters.

City/Area Population: The city of Little Rock, Arkansas has a population of 193,524

Child Development Centers: Children are not allowed in the quarters; therefore, there are no childcare services on the base. However, there are several childcare or development centers located in Little Rock including Children First (501) 374-0944; First United Methodist Child Development (501) 372-7444; First Steps Child Development Center (501) 945-2100; First Steps of Life (501) 753-9721; and One 2 Grow On Too (501) 753-5822, among many others.

Youth Programs: The base offers The child & Youth Program, which includes the Minuteman Youth Camp and the Arkansas National Guard Youth Development Program. For information, you can contact 1-800-446-4645.

Family Readiness Center: The base does offer several different locations throughout the state of Arkansas for Family Readiness programs. In the North Little Rock area, you can visit 119th Mobile Public Affairs, Det., 871st TC. Telephone number is (501) 212-5085.

Employment: Most employment opportunities involve joining the Arkansas National Guard.

Base Services: Along with training the Arkansas National Guard, other services and facilities on base include base police, church, mini mart, Freedom Hall Fitness Center, MWR Restaurant, and a 9 hole golf course.


The beginning of the camp was actually created as a camp area as the Little Rock Board of Commerce decided that the US government could create the post without Arkansas having any cost. The United States government was given to Little Rock along with donations that allowed the facility to be completed in 1917.

At this time, the facility was the location of the 87th Division that was placed there while the main division was fighting in France. The post after World War I changed with the only units on the base being the United States 3rd Infantry Division. At this time, the Camp was known as Camp Pike, which became the headquarters to the Arkansas National Guard between WWI and WWII. In 1937, the name of the camp was changed to honor the Arkansas Senator Joseph Taylor Robinson that had passed away.

Units: When it comes to units there are not so much units bit headquarters. It is home to the Arkansas National Guard's Joint Forces Headquarters, other Arkansas National Guard units, home of the National Guard Bureau's Professional Education Center and Marksmanship Training Unit.

Housing: The base does offer housing with specific qualifications, which include AD, NG, Res, Ret, and their dependents; Widow/widowers; DoD-Civ, DoD-Civ.

The base itself if only for the military and does not offer any housing for families of any kind.





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