Kirtland AFB is situated in the Bernalillo County in the south-eastern part of Albuquerque. It ranks third among the largest installations in AFMC or the Air Force Material Command. The base stretches for more than fifty two thousand acres of land.

Cost of Living: Compared to the national average, the cost of living in this area is marginally higher, estimated at 108% of the average.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: 505-846-0011, or DSN 312-246-0011

Base Population: There are about 3,393 personnel of active duty military living with 1,066 guard and reserve. There are also 2,337 federal civilians along with 1,870 contracted DoD and 9,957 contracted Sandia National Labs personnel.

City/Area Population: The population at the base is approximately 867,318.

Child Development Centre: There are a couple of centres for child development in the area and both of them have a waiting list for the unborn to two years program. The centres offer programs for children between the age group of six weeks and five years. For more information, you may call at 505 846 1103.

Youth Programs: The Youth Centre at the Kirtland AFB has a huge variety of activities and classes for the children up to eighteen years of age. A calendar is published on a monthly basis and it also offers after and before school program. The programs that are available at the Youth Centre are summer camp, teen nights, homework club, boys and girls club and many more. The contact number to the youth centre is 505 853 KIDS or 505 846 2042.

Airman and Family Readiness Centre:  505-846-0741/0751 or DSN 246-0741/0751

Employment: The rate of unemployment in New Mexico State is about 8.7% while the rate of unemployment in Albuquerque is 8.8%. The spouses of the newly assigned military personnel or civilians may avail the unemployment compensation. The median income of the household is $47,775 and the average income is $53,213.

Base Services:

The base services in the area include the 377th Force Support Squadron, the Exchange System, the Commissaries, the Sandia Area Federal Credit Union and the Kirtland Federal Credit Union.

Medical Services:

The 377th Medical Group is situated off the base at the back of the VA Medical Centre. It provides with medical care to the beneficiaries of DoD or the Department of Defence and it is also a part of the Albuquerque Veterans Medical Centre Kirtland. The contact number to the medical centre is 877 988 9378. The contact number for urgent appointments is 505 856 3200 and the DSN is 312 246 3200.


The Air Force Base of Kirtland owes it origins to three private airfields during the period between 1929 and 1938. It was in 1928 that William L. Franklin and Frank G. Speakman, both employees of the Santa Fe Railroad inaugurated a certain private venture for an airport. They graded a couple of runways on the East Mesa with one of them being about 5,300 feet long and the other being a little under four thousand feet. The airport in Albuquerque was entirely a private venture and it was not long before promoters started showing their interest in the location for south western air traffic. Later in the same year, the airport was bought out and expanded by an entrepreneur from New York, called James G. Oxnard. It was on these grounds that the construction of the Air Force Base began and it was completed in the year 1941.


The units of the base include the 342nd Training Squadron (AETC), the 373rd Training Squadron, Det 16 (AETC), 377Th Air Base Wing, 377th Civil Engineering Division (CE), 377TH Communications Division (SC), 377TH Comptroller Squadron (CPTS), 377TH Force Support Squadron, 377th Logistics Readiness Squadron (LRS), 377Th Maintenance Group (MXG), 377Th Medical Group (MEDGP), 377th Mission Support Group (MSG) etc.


The AF PCS orders would require the members of the Kirtland AFB to report to the HMO or the Housing Management Office of the military before they may enter into a lease or a rental agreement for off or on base housing or before entering into a purchase agreement. Other service members may do the same as well. The official website of the Air force Housing is the best place to find trustworthy information regarding the housing in the area.

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