Keesler AFB is situated in Biloxi at the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. It is about fourteen miles west from the Naval Construction Battalion known as the “Seabee” Base. The base is about an hour east of New Orleans and about an hour west of the Mobile, AL. It is also approximately four hours south of the MS. City.

Cost of Living: It is a lower by about 8%, as compared to the average national cost.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: 228-377-1110

Base Population: There are about 5100 active duty officials living with 1625 civil service personnel. There are also about 13,000 retirees along with 2700 contractors and 3763 family members.

City/ Area Population: The population in the area is about 44,054.

Child Development Centre: The services of Child Care are offered through the Child Development Centre as well as the Family Child Care Program. There is often a waiting list for children of a certain age group. There are some special programs available with the services such as the pre-school programs or the day camps. These programs may require you to make an early registration as they tend to fill up quite fast. The contact number is 228 377 2211 or DSN 312 597 2211.

Youth Programs: There are several programs offered for the youth and the teen by the Youth Activities Center. The services may include dance studios, boy scouts, girl scouts, theatre, summer drama camps and many more. For more information, you can call 228 377 4116.

Airman and Family Readiness Center:  AF Community, 228-376-8728.

Employment: The rate of unemployment in Biloxi is about 9%.  The rate of unemployment in the state of Mississippi is about 9%. Most of the opportunities of employment are positions of hourly wage such as administration, food service, labor, customer service etc. It could be a little difficult to get jobs with higher level for those with better degrees unless the field is technical, engineering or medical. You can obtain the MS Unemployment Benefit Information from the MS Department of Employment Security Website. The median income of the household in the area is about $42,805.

Base Services:

The base services of the area include the services support squadron, the exchange systems, the commissaries, Bankcorp South Bank and the Keesler Federal Credit Union.

Medial Services:

The Keesler Medical Centre is operated by the 81st Medical Group and it is one of the biggest medical centers in the base. The primary mission of the medical center is medical readiness for any contingency. It provides cost effective and quality healthcare for all the 10,947 active duty personnel along with 46,981 local beneficiaries all along the catchment area.


In the year 1941, the city officials of Biloxi assembled an offer to invite the Army of the United States to have a base built for supporting the training buildup of the World War II. The War Department activated the Army Air Corps Station Number 8 of the Aviation Mechanics School in the same year. It was dedicated as the Keesler Army Airfield as an honor to the second Lt Samuel Reeves Keesler, Jr. Initially, an appropriation of six million dollars was made by the Congress for constructing the base at Biloxi and then an additional two million dollars were added for the equipment. When the funds were allocated by the War Department in 1941, the cost had risen to an amount of nine and a half million dollars. Later the same year, a contract of ten million dollars was awarded for the technical training school of Biloxi. The base had trained the Tuskegee Airmen in the area and as a matter of fact, more than seven thousand black soldiers had been stationed on the base in 1943.


The units in the base include the 45th Airlift Squadron which is actually a part of the 314th Airlift Wing. The base also has the CNATTU Keesler or the Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training Unit. Apart from that, the base has the 81st Medical Group which is the second largest center for medical readiness in the Air Force.


Living in the base will give you a chance of working with the U.S Force and the privatized housing services at the Keesler Air Force Base is offered by the Forest City Military Communities. For further information, you may contact DSN 312-591-8611 or 228-376-8611


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