Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base located in Fort Worth, Texas was established in 1993 as part of the Base Realignment and Closure Act. Previously this facility was known as the famous Carswell Air Force Base part of the Strategic Air Command. It officially became operational on October 1st 1994 and was the very first joint operations base in the Country.

NASJRB serves many purposes but its primary mission is to train and equip reservist and active duty crews on planes and to provide ground support to aviation personnel in preparation for deployment and the defense readiness of America. This very large base facility sits on 1,805 acres and houses 40 tenet units from all branches of the military. On the west side of the base is located the Department of Defense's Air Force Plant #4. It is a Government Owned- Contractor Operated Aircraft Manufacturing and Assembly Plant, the current operator is Lockheed Martin. Here is where the new F-35 Lighting Joint Strike Fighter is being built. The f-16 Fighting Falcon and components for the f-22 Raptor are manufactured here as well. NASJRB and Lockheed Martin share the Runways at this facility and work closely together.

Cost of Living: Located in the city limits of Fort Worth, NASJRB personnel and families enjoy a 9.6% lower cost of living than the national average.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: 817-782-5000 DSN 312-739-5000

Base Population: 11,300 Active Duty Military, 662 Civilian Employees and 8,000 Family Members are stationed at NASJRB.

City/Area Population: Fort Worth has a population of 681,818; the Greater Dallas/Ft. Worth Metropolitan has a staggering 6,954,330 population.

Child Development Centers: NASJRB offers on base full daycare and preschool program, contact the Center at 817-782-5832. Children of Military Families use one of 4 Public School Districts that serve the base. Each has numerous elementary, middle and high schools. For more information contact the Child Development Center at 3190 Haile St. Fort Worth, TX. 76127 Phone 817-782-7520 DSN 312-739-6438 or the School Liaison Officer at 812-782-5287 DSN 312-739-5287

Youth Programs: There is a Youth Sponsorship Program at NASJRB that matches a child's age and interests with a local Sponsor who shares the same age and interests and provides information on School, Sports an, Recreational Activities. The Base offers a Family Center for Children and Teens, they can be reached at 817-782-7152 DSN 312-739-7152

Family Readiness Center: 3175 Vandenburg Ave. NASJRB, Fort Worth, TX. 76127 Phone 817-782-5287 DSN 312-739-5287

Employment: The Fort Worth area has a much lower than average unemployment rate at 4.3% and is experiencing job growth. The base provides a Family Employment Readiness Program, their contact number is 817-782-5287 DSN 312-739-5287

Base Services: As one would expect, a base facility the size of NASJRB has many Services for Military Personnel and their Families. Some of these are:

  • Post Exchange at 1880 Military Parkway Fort Worth Phone 817-738-1943.
  • Fitness Center at Building 1810 Tuskegee Airmen Drive Fort Worth Phone 817-738-7770
  • Beauty and Barber Shop located inside the Exchange Phone 817-731-265
  • Robert P. Taylor Memorial Chapel at 1838 Desert Storm Rd. Fort Worth, Phone 817-782-5665 DSN 312-739-5665.

For more information about Services, contact the Morale Welfare and Recreation Office at 1810 Hulk Dr. Fort Worth Phone 817-782-7770


Even before NASJRB was Carswell AFB, it was Tarrant Field Airdrome built in 1941. The Base became an important Flight Training and Heavy Bomber operations Center throughout WW2. At that same time Air Force Plant #4 was built on 604 acres next to the Base and Consolidated Aircraft Industries began manufacturing the B-24 Liberator Heavy Bomber. Soon after the War in 1946, the Strategic Air Command assumed control of the facilities and it became Headquarters for the 8th Air Force. In 1948, the Base was renamed Carswell in honor of Army Air Force Major Horace S. Carswell Jr. a Medal of Honor recipient and native from Fort Worth who died in action during a Bombing Mission against the Japanese in 1944. The base has been home to many of the greatest Aircraft and Unit Commands in the US Armed Forces for the past 70 years. During the Cold War, Nuclear Armed B-52 Bombers sat on the Tarmac here, ready to launch 24/7 365 at a moments notice should they be needed. NASJRB will continue to be of great service to our Nations Defense as the new F-35 Lighting enters service here for all branches of our military, each has their own special version of this remarkable Fighter.


The 10th Air Force, the 301st Fighter Wing, the Commander Naval Reserve Readiness/Command South, the Texas Air National Guard 6the Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department, the Fleet Logistics Support Wing, the Fighter Squadron Two Zero One, the Marine Air Group Four One, and Fleet Logistics Support Wing,


Contact the Family Housing Office at 1330 Military Parkway, Fort Worth Phone 817-782-5711 DSN 312-739-5711







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