The Joint Reserve Base is situated in Louisiana suburb called Belle Chasse. Belle Chasse is approximately 11 miles away from New Orleans. This base trains Naval Reservists and also helps homeland security air defense.

Cost Of Living: The overall cost of living in Louisiana is 6% less than the rest of the United States. Housing costs are almost 9% less than the rest of the US. Health costs are almost 6% lower than the rest of the country.

Automated Telephone Attendant Numbers: 504-678-3827

Base Population: The total military population on base is at an average of 9800. This figure includes family members, marine air force, Louisiana Air National Guard, civilians, coast guard, army and navy.

City/Area Population: Louisiana has the 25th largest population in the United States. The total population of Louisiana in the year 2013 was estimated at 4,701,893 people.

Child Development Centers: The child development center on this base is a safe and clean environment for your children. The staff members who work in the center provide services to children with ages ranging from ages 6 weeks to 5 years. Most schools provide after school child care programs for children in Kindergarten until they are 12 years of age. There is a wide range of Public and Private schools available for the dependents of military personnel. Some of the available schools are New Orleans Military and Maritime Academy, NASA Explorer Charter School and Plaquemines Parish School District.

Youth Programs: The Youth center of this base has made arrangements for numerous sports and recreational activities for the youth. The center provides these specific services and activities for children whose ages range from ages 6 to 12 years. For more information contact 504-281-5130.

Airman and Family Readiness Center: Fleet and Family Support Center DSN 312-678-7569 & 504-678-7569

Employment: Finding a job in New Orleans and its surrounding areas is easy as there are a vast number of areas where one can seek employment. The unemployment rate in the area is lower in comparison to the unemployment rate in the rest of the country. There are available job positions in the hospitality, management education, medical, arts and entertainment and other industries.

Base Services: The base services on post include 1 commissary, MWR Facilities and Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Credit Union (504-678-3563)

Medical Services: There is a Branch Health Clinic available on JRB New Orleans. This clinic takes care of all the medical needs and requirements of military personnel and their family members. Emergency cases are attended to at Oscsner Medical Center and West Jefferson Medical Center. The closest available military hospital is situated at Keesler AFB.


The Naval Air Reserve Air Base was commissioned in July 1941, which was when Naval Aviation came to New Orleans for the first time. In the beginning stages of World War 2, the Navy had an urgent requirement for Naval Aviators and for this purpose the station was redesigned as a Naval Air Station in the year 1942. The station then became a training base for aviators. In the year 1957, the Joint Reserve Air Training Center was inaugurated. By January 1958, the first lot of aircrafts flown by Naval Reserve Squadrons took off from the runways. In April 1958, this military installation was dedicated to a local by the name of Alvin Andrew Callender who lost his life fighting for his country in World War 1.


·         159th Fighter Wing

·         377th Theatre Sustainment Command (TSC 377)

·         3rd Battalion, 23rd Marines

·         Coast Guard Air Station

·         Navy Operational Support Center

·         Marine Air Group 49 Detachment (MAG 49)

·         Fleet Readiness Center Mid-Atlantic Site New Orleans

·         Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 54 (VR-54)

·         1199th Terminal Transportation Brigade


There are public private venture homes available for military personnel in 2 locations, namely Algers and Belle Chasse. There are a variety of available housing unit designs in both places. Currently there are approximately 936 units available for housing. The PPV homes come in 2, 3 and 4 bedroom options that can accommodate all family sizes. Military personnel and their spouse are provided 1 bedroom and every child is provided his/her own bedroom.

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