Situated in the Northwest corner of Virginia Beach City is the JEB Fort Story Naval Base. There is a large population of military personnel in the Hamptons Road region due to numerous military installations in the area. JEB Little Creek is the main station of operation for amphibious forces of the US Atlantic Fleet.

Cost Of Living: The overall cost of living in Virginia Beach is 10% higher than other cities of the United States. Housing costs are almost 37% higher in Virginia Beach and Utilities costs are almost 9% higher in Virginia Beach

Automated Telephone Attendant Numbers:

  • Fort Story- DSN 312-438-7305 & 757-422-7305
  • Little Creek- DSN 312-253-7386 & 757-462-7386

Base Population: The total military population on base is estimated at 14,390. In JEB Little Creek there are 1,800 civilians and 10,000 military personnel. In JEB Fort Story there are 290 civilians and 2,300 military personnel.

City/Area Population: The total population of Virginia Beach is 437,994.

Child Development Centers: Little Creek and Fort Story Child Development Centers provide a full time daycare for children. The child development center also provides several other services like part day care and family childcare for dependents of military personnel. The available public school for dependents of military personnel is the Virginia Beach Public School. In the event that you choose to home school your child, there are special counselors available to guide you through the process.

Youth Programs: The activities provided by the on base youth center include both indoors as well as outdoor games and sports. In addition to this, there are also available winter, summer and springs camps and before and after school programs.

Airman and Family Readiness Center: Fleet and Family Support Center Fort Story- 757-422-7311 & Little Creek- 757-462-7563

Employment: The rate of unemployment in the Hamptons Roads area is approximately 7%. The average household income in the region is estimated at $68,200. The job market on Hamptons Road is extremely competitive within the retail and service, military, financial institutions and municipalities industries. The available positions on base include positions in Non-Appropriated Funds, Commissary, Navy Exchange and MWR.

Base Services: The base services on post include 1 commissary (757-464-3561), 1 exchange system, MWR facilities, Federal Credit Union and Bank of America Military Bank

Medical Services: JEB Little Creek is one of the on base medical treatment facilities and hospitals (757-953-8351). There is also available on base a dental clinic which provides dental and oral hygiene services and care (757-953-8334)


The Virginia General Assembly leased out the land on which JEB stands to the US Government in the year 1914. This land was leased out for the purpose of erecting fortifications as well as for a variety of military purposes. In the year 1941, as World War 2 was about to commence, the Harbor Defense Command was moved from Fort Monroe to Fort Story. In the year 1944, Fort Story, which was an artillery garrison, changed its role and took on the responsibility of a convalescent hospital that treated and gave medical care to veterans who were returning from World War 2. Fort Story once again changed its mission when World War 2 ended. In the year 1946 the first ever, amphibious training began at Fort Story. By the year 1961 Fort Story had become a permanent military installation.


  • 11th Transportation Battalion
  •  Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Training and Evaluation Unit Two
  • Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit 10


All the active duty members are required to report to the Norfolk Navy Housing Service Center before they sign any agreement for community housing. There are a total of 250 available housing units on Fort Story. 200 of these units are brand new and the balance 50 units have been completely renovated. Military personnel who wish to live in a public private venture-housing unit need to report to Enterprise Hall. They need to make and submit to Enterprise Hall a complete application, which requires the following documents: Special request chit with command approval to live in PPV, Copy of Orders with detaching endorsement, Signed Application and Copy of current leave and Earning Statement.

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