The Iowa Army Plan in Des Moines County, near the city of Burlington is known for manufacturing and delivering large and high caliber items for the United States’ Department of Defense where it utilizes the most modern method f production to support the worldwide military operations. It has a rich history being the leading provider of arms and ammunition control that is needed by the Joint Forces.

It was noted that the depot has the capability to offer loads, assemblies and packs of the full range of ammunitions as well as high explosive components. it can provide army bases with tank ammunition, artillery that are high explosive, huge caliber mortars, smart munitions, missile assembly, projectiles that are rocket-assisted, scattered mines, detonators, as well as development and testing of  pressed and cast warheads.

Like any other army bases and military installations, the Iowa Army Plant in Des Moines County has their specific mission, which is to become fully responsible in producing and delivering a wide array of munitions and equipments to troops.

Cost of living: 80.9 (low, U.S. average is 100)

Automated Telephone Attendant number: +1 319-753-7101

Base Population: 1925

City/area Population:  40,340

Child Development Centers:

  • Bright Horizons Family Solutions

109 W Lawn Bldg, Iowa City,

IA 52242, United States

+1 319-335-9666

  • SIEDA Head Start

201 S 23rd St, Fairfield,

IA 52556, United States

+1 641-472-3005

Youth Programs:

  • Burlington Area Community YMCA

2410 Mt Pleasant St, Burlington,

IA 52601, United States

+1 319-753-6734

  • Des Moines County Conservation

13700 Washington Rd , West Burlington,

IA 52655, 52601, United States

              +1 319-753-8260


  • Office and administrative support – 12.87%
  • Sales jobs – 11.88%
  • Management occupations – 8.20%

Airman and Family Readiness Center:

  • Polk County Iowa –Family Enrichment Center

2309 Euclid Avenue

Des Moines, IA 50310


Base Services:

  • Des Moines County Drop-In Center

910 Cottonwood Ct # 1003, Burlington,

IA 52601, United States

+1 319-237-1171

  • County Attorney-Criminal Division

215 Columbia St, Burlington,

IA 52601, United States

+1 319-753-8209

Medical Services:

  • Great River Medical Center

1221 S Gear Ave, West Burlington,

IA 52655, United States

+1 319-768-1000

  • Community Health Center

1706 W Agency Rd, West Burlington,

IA 52655, United States

+1 319-752-5540


The Iowa Army Ammunition Plant was constructed in November 1940 under the name of Iowa Ordnance Plant. Its manufacturing and production of arsenals have started in 1941 as part of the preparation for the World War II. However, its production was halted when the war has ended; yet, the US Atomic Energy Commission assumed responsibility and reopened it in 1947.

When the Korean War had begun, the production of arsenals was increased again. It was coined as the Burlington Atomic Energy Commission Plant or BAECP yet in 1975, it finished its final assembly of the nuclear weapon. Therefore, the responsibility of looking after the facility was passed to the Army.

With regards to the Atomic Energy Commission, its production began in 1941 as the depot acts as a supply and storage. But in 1947, the IAAP was then transformed into Atomic Energy Commission and have fallen under the 1949 Ammunitions Production. And during the Korean and Vietnam War, the commission increased its production yet, it was later deserted.

However in 1990, the Iowa Army Ammunition Plant becomes a superfund camp site where it was placed as the highest priority by the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA. In those times, the camp site already had 767 infrastructures, with nearly 300 igloos and roads that are 143 in miles.


The facilities of the ammunition depot have expanded across the 19,011 acres with infrastructures that are over 750 buildings, 282 igloos and a building that has a storage capacity of 1,100,775 square feet. These facilities are strategically situated in nearby areas such as Danville, Union, Flint River, and Middletown, which all can be found in the Des Moines County.

And in 2005, the Iowa Army Ammunition Plant have managed to gain 105mm and 155 mm artillery, along with multipurpose assault weapons like the missile warhead workload that come from Kansas Army Ammunition Plant. A family of scattered mines and detonator workload has come from the Lone Star Army Ammunition Plant or LSAAP. Yet, in 2005 these facilities were closed because of BRAC commission.

Today, the Day & Zimmerman is the top contractor that is responsible in providing IAAP with munitions and important components that the Joint Forces would need. Aside from this, they also host charity events and organizations that work well in the staging post. A new hunting organization was in fact, have undergone partnership with IAAP, which is the Wounded Warriors, in order to provide safe hunting grounds for veterans and other military personnel in the base.

They also work closely with several community organizations and partners while they continuously manufacture new types of ammunition after it had undergone renovations.


The contractors in Iowa Army Ammunition Plant, which is the Day & Zimmerman is responsible in providing defense-related and government support and services that, include life support and base operations. Other than this, they are also responsible in supplying critical services such as food, water, power, housing, HVAC and waste removal.

For public housing units, the Des Moines Municipal Housing Agency are responsible in managing housing units for low and moderate-income families and individuals. On the other hand, all the rental units  are located in the city limits of the Des Moines County.

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