Situated in Davis County, Hill Air Force Base is bordered with the Great Salt Lake on the West and the Wasatch Mountains to the east. The surrounding towns also have a large population of military personnel. There are several cultural as well as entertaining activities a short drive away. The Hill Air Force Base is one of the most important bases of the US Air Force. It was named after Major Ployer Peter Hill who died while he was testing the prototype of B 17 Flying Fortress bomber. The host unit at the base is the 75th Air Base Wing of the Air Force Material Command which is the chief service provider to the Ogden Air Logistics Complex along with its subordinate originations. Colonel Ronald Jolly serves as the Wing and Installation Commander of the base. There are some more tenant units at the base which include the Air Combat Command as well as the Air Force Reserve Command. The headquarters of the base is situated at Tinker Air Force Base, Okla.

Cost Of Living: Overall the cost of living in Utah is lower than the national average. The cost of living here is almost 14.1% lower.

Automated Telephone Attendant Numbers: DSN 312-777-1110 & 801-777-1110

Base Population: There are 1200 reservists, 5500 active duty members, 4000 contractors and civilians 13,000.

City/Area Population: There are 295332 citizens in Davis County.  

Child Development Centers: There are 2 on base child centers that provide interesting learning activities for children.  Dependents of military personnel contractors and department of defense are eligible to use the services of the childcare center. The Hill Air Force Base Child development center’s overall fee for entire week’s services at the center is dependent on the family income. Hourly care costs US$ 3 per hour. There is also a school age program that delivers before as well as after school care for children.

Youth Programs: Some of the services provided by Hill Air Force Base Youth Center include events for youth, school age care, sports and fitness activities. The youth services are provided for children between 6 years of age up to 18 years of age.

Airman and Family Readiness Center: Contact 801-777-4681

Employment: The average household income in the area is US$ 58141. NAF, Federal Jobs and AAFES positions are available around Hill Air Force Base. The job market in the area can be highly competitive; however positions are available due to the development and industrial growth in Utah.

Base Services: This base has commissaries, support services squadron and an exchange system

Medical Services:  Active Duty personnel as well as their family members receive medical care and attention from the 75th Medical Group. However this base has no services for emergencies.


A temporary Army Air Corps depot was established in Salt Lake City in the year 1934 with the intention of supporting airmail operations. This establishment gave representatives a reason to believe that this could become a permanent installation. By the year 1939, US$ 8 million had been set aside for construction near Ogden Utah of an air depot. On the 1st of December 1939 this establishment was officially named Hill Field. From the time of World War 2 up until now this base has played a major role in the USAF war maintenance.


·         526th ICBM Systems Wing

·         75th Civil Engineering Group

·         508th Aerospace Sustainment Wing

·         75th Medical Group

·         309th Maintenance Wing

·         75th Mission Support Group

·         309th Maintenance Wing

·         84th Combat Sustainment Wing


Military housing at Hill Force Air base is privatized. Management, maintenance, construction, repairing is done by Boyer Hill Military Housing (BHMH). BHMH also owns the family housing. Instead of renting or purchasing a house within the local community, one can now even sign a lease agreement with BHMH. There are a variety of amenities available in the privatized housing communities. These amenities include tot lots, parks, splash pads and others. In order to avail a privatized house, you need to sign a lease agreement with BHMH. Typically the lease agreement is signed for a period of a year. BHMM privatized homes are metered so gas and electricity bills come directly.

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