Situated 8 miles west of Honolulu, on the island of Oahu is Joint Base Pearl Harbor- Hickam All branches of the Coast Guard as well as the military are hosted by Oahu.

Cost Of Living: Overall the cost of living in Hawaii is 144.3% higher than the national average.

Automated Telephone Attendant Numbers: DSN 315-449-7110 & 808-449-7110

Base Population: There are 58147 navy personnel on base. There are 18,526 air force personnel on base. These figures include the family members, active duty personnel retirees, selected reserves, selected reserve family members, retirees family members and others.

City/Area population: The total population in the Honolulu Metro area is 953,207

Child Development Centers: There are 3 on base child centers providing a variety of services and programs for children under 5 years of age. There are several interesting learning activities provided for children in the child care centers. 24-hour care, weekly care and daily care services are provided by the Hickam Air Force Base Child Development Center. Unfortunately there is no available Department of Defense Schools in Hawaii. Children have to attend public schools to pursue their education.

Youth Programs: The MWR center acts like the youth center and provides a variety of youth programs on base. The available programs range from sports to recreational activities and even fitness programs. To contact the Hickam Air Force Base Youth Center please contact MWR Facilities at 808-473-0721.

Airman and Family Readiness Center:

Military and Family Support Center: DSN 315-474-1999 & 808-474-1999

Employment: In order for a military spouse to avail of a job quickly, it is recommended that they begin their job hunt well before their arrival. On arriving they can meet with the Employment counselor from the FFSC who can assist them with employment information and opportunities. The average rate of unemployment in Hawaii is 4.1%. The average household income in the area is US$ 72,292.

Base Services: There is a commissary, First Hawaiian Bank, Exchange, Pearl Harbor Credit Union, Navy Federal Credit Union and MWR facilities available on base.  

Medical Services: There are several medical clinics on base. There is also available on base a dental clinic. Makalapa Naval Health Clinic, 808-473-2444 and Makalapa Branch Medical Clinic provide routine and regular medical services to military personnel as well as their family. One can contact Branch Dental Clinic 808-473-0495 for dental care.


This base was formed and established in the year 1908. It still continues to play a vital role in US defense even today. Pearl Harbor played a major role in World War 2 and its contribution to the United States in becoming a super power makes the base a historic landmark.


·         15th Wing Staff Agencies

·         15th Operations Group (Tail Code: HH)

·         15th Medical Group

·         25th Air Support Operations Squadron

·         15th Maintenance Group

·         65th Airlift Squadron (C-37, C-40)

·         19th Fighter Squadron (F-22)

·         19th Fighter Squadron (F-22)

·         624th Regional Support Group (AFRC)

·         154th Wing Hawaii Air National Guard

·         201st Combat Communications Group Hawaii Air National Guard (disestablished)

·         3d Space Operations Squadron/Operating Location-Bravo

·         515th Air Mobility Operations Wing


In order to check in for housing, The Navy Housing Service Center compulsorily requires an appointment. The appointment can be taken 30 days in advance of your arrival. The Navy Housing Service center is situated in the Navy Aloha Center. There is a huge demand for PPV quarters in this area and often the demand of housing units exceeds the availability. Often one can get wait listed when trying to avail a home. Military personnel with family members can choose to live in private housing. There is also an option to live off base. However the housing cost in this area is far higher than the rest of the United States.

On an average the rent per month for off base housing here can range between US$ 1,350 and US$ 3,300. For those who wish to live in the local community, there are available rental units in multiplex constructions. If you are looking to purchase your own home, keep in mind the real estate prices in Hawaii are far higher than the real estate prices in the rest of the United States. However there are numerous available housing units and for sale or rent on the island.

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