The Henderson Hall Marine Corps Base is minutes away from all the high profile US Buildings such as the White House, Capital Building, Pentagon, Smithsonian Museum and other important buildings in Washington DC. It serves as the headquarter of the Marine Corps National Capital Region whose responsibility is to provide help and support to marines and government in the National Capital Region. It is located at South Southgate Road in Arlington, Virginia.

Cost Of Living: The average cost of living in Washington DC is very high, estimated at 81% higher than average for USA.

Automated Telephone Attendant Numbers: 703-614-7171

Base Population: The Henderson Base accommodates 2,000 marines with 2,800 family members and 1,200 civilians.

City/Area population: Washington DC is one of the largest cities of the world. It has a population of about 4,796,183. Virginia, where the base is located records a population of 189,453.

Child Development Centers: The Henderson Base has no child care facility. More information on child care facilities near the base can be obtained from the Joint Base Meyer of the Henderson Hall. There are many good schools located in the National Capital Region. Depending on the location where a personnel or officer is residing, his/her child can be admitted to the nearest school.

Youth Programs: The Henderson Base does not have any Youth Center in its premises. However, a youth sponsorship program runs in parallel coordination with youth centers in and around Washington DC. Their work is to inform the newly coming families about the schools and community activities.

Airman and Family Readiness Center: 703-614-7200

Employment: Washington being one of the highly developed cities in the world provides plenty of employment opportunities. Opportunities can be found in construction jobs in plenty. The Federal Government supports the needs of most of the local businesses. The spouses of the staffs should get in touch with the Marine and Family Programs Career Resource Management Center for job opportunities.

Base Services

There are plenty of ATMs located on the base. The financial and banking related issues are taken care by the Pentagon Federal Credit Union, Armed Forces Bank N.A. and Navy Federal Credit Union. In addition to this, there is one main exchange in the Henderson Hall. There is also a commissary on Fort Myer near the Henderson Hall.

Medical Services: There are two health clinics located on the Henderson Hall Marine Corps Base. The Tricare Health Dilorenzo Clinic at the Pentagon and the Andrew Radar Health Clinic at Fort Myer gives good medical and dental facility to the staffs and their family members.


The Syphax family owned a major part of the land on which the Henderson Hall stands now. The family sold the land to John Dormoyle in 1901 who later sold it to Frederick Rice in 1924. The US Federal Government built the Federal Office Building No. 2 in 1941. It was originally made as a temporary warehouse but later on it became the Navy Annex. In November same year, the US Marine Corps Headquarter moved to the Navy Annex. In 1943, a second Battalion of Women Marine Reserves was formed. Several deeds and legal actions had to be taken for acquiring the land for the Henderson Hall.


The major units housed by the Henderson Marine Corps Base are the BN Consolidated Admin Center and the Headquarters and Service Company.


Henderson Hall does not have provisions for family housing facilities. The marines who are posted here are required to apply for housing at the Family Housing Department in the Naval Station. The Henderson Hall has developed a ‘Set Aside Housing program’ for the active personnel and staffs. Under this program, application fees, credit checks, income requirements and security deposits are all removed hence saving the member a good amount of money. The member has to pay the rent in allotments to the property management company through the Henderson Hall relocation program. The Set Aside Housing Program started as a contract between Henderson Hall and some property management company in order to assist the personnel find suitable accommodation at reasonable rate.

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