The great Lakes Training Centre Navy Base has been serving for 100 years as a base and training centre. It is located on the Lake Michigan shore and is about an hour to the north of Chicago. It is also about an hour distance away from Wisconsin, Milwaukee. The base trains the sailors for the Fleet. It is also home to the Recruit Training Command which is the only such organisation in the US Navy in the area.

Cost of Living: It is about 3% higher than the average cost of living in the US.

Population: The base has about 4000 active duty staff personnel, along with 14,000 students and recruits. There are also around 2000 contractors and 3000 civilians with government jobs dwelling here.

City/Area Population: The population is 32,897 in North Chicago and 9,524,673 in Chicago-Joliet-Naperville Metro Area.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: 847-688-3500, or DSN 312-792-3500

Child Development Centre: The Child Youth Placement or the CYP is a service that is offered by the Morale, Recreation and Welfare Department of the Naval Great Lakes. The parents looking for such facilities can be assisted by the CP Coordinator within the area of the Great Lakes. The contact number is 847- 688- 3100.

Youth Services: There are two excellent Great Lake centres for youth, which provide with a range of recreational activities to the youth aged from five to eighteen. Both the centres offer after and before school programs along with intramural sports leagues, day camp and several different instructional classes along with special events with themes and day trips. The contact number is 847-688-5573/5581.

Airman and Family Readiness Centre:  847-688-3603 ext. 100, DSN 12-792-3603

Employment: The rate of unemployment is about 9.4%, which is quite high as compares to rest of the country. The median income of the household is about $58,445. People on the base looking for employment opportunities can contact the Transition Assistant Program as well as the Family Employment Readiness program by calling 847 688 3603.

Base Services:

The base services include MWR Facilities, exchange systems with two speciality stores and two exchanges, commissary and an Armed Forces Bank and a Navy Federal Credit Union.

Medical Services:

Robust medical services are offered by the Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Centre to the patients from the Northern Illinois as well as the Southern Wisconsin. The administrative hours of the organisation stretch from Monday to Friday from eight in the morning to four in the evening. The number for the appointment for veteran patients is 800 393 0865 band for the TRICARE Patients is 800 941 4501.


It was in 1904 that the Great Lakes was approved by none other than Theodore Roosevelt. Navy Captain Albert R. Ross supervised the construction. The Thirty nine buildings were designed by Jarvis Hunt and constructions on the 172 acres were done by civil engineer Lt. George A. McKay. The command of the Great Lakes was under Captain William A. Moffet during in 1917 just before the entry of Unites States in the First World War.

In 1923 the Naval Reserve Air Base of the Great Lakes was commissioned. The process of recruit training slowed down after the war was over and it halted entirely by 1933. By 1032, the base had hundred and two buildings on a stretch of five hundred and seven acres. It was also during that period when a harbour was built that cost around a million dollars. By 1933, the Great Lakes were closed and it was put in maintenance status. In 1941, after the attack on Pearl Harbour, there were about 6000 sailors undergoing trained at the Great Lakes It took only six months for the number to increase to 68,000.


Among the major units are 3rd Reserve Officers' Training Corps Brigade, Army Reserve Intelligence Support Center, 9th Marine Corps District, Center for EOD Diving (CEODD)


There are two options provided by the military for using the BAH. The first option is that you could live on the base and the second option would be to use the BAH for renting or buying a house off the base. The contact number to the housing office is 847 688 3440.

US Naval Training Center Great Lakes
US Naval Training Center Great Lakes

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