In 2010, Fort Sam Houston merged with two other bases operated by the Air Force, and its now known as Joint Base San Antonio. Fort Sam Houston is ran by the US Army, but Joint Base San Antonio as a whole is ran by the Air Force. This military base was named after Sam Houston, who was the first president of Texas. This base is located very close to both Central and South America and it plays a crucial role in the defense of the United States.

Cost of Living: The cost of living is 90% less than the national average for major cities in the United States of America.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: 210-221-1211 or DSN 312-471-1211

Base Population: 161,971

City/Area Population: San Antonio has 1,990,675 residents.

Child Development Centers: Fort Sam Houston has two day care centers, and both of them offer hourly or full-time care. There's also a preschool program, and before and after school care for children six weeks to five years old. For approved homes, Family Child Care offers care for children 4 weeks to 12 years old. Call 210-221-5002 for more information.

Youth Programs: The Youth Center at Fort Houston provides children with plenty of activities, such as dances, classes, field trips, workshops and seminars, camps, sports, computer label, a homework center, and more. To contact the Youth Center call 210-221-3502. There is also a Teen Center, their contact number is 210-221-3630.

Military and Family Readiness Center: 210-221-2418/2705

Employment: Job growth at Fort Sam Houston has increased in recent times, and the unemployment rate sits at 5.6%. For more up-to-date information on employment call the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center at 210-221-1425. Fort Sam Houston's medium household income is $42,945.

Base Services:

  • MWR Facilities: Recreation at this military base includes camping, golfing, bowling, dinner theatre, fitness centers, aquatic center, equestrian center, the JBSA Recreation Park, and more.
  • Commissaries: There is one gas station, two shopettes and 1 commissary - 210-221-4678
  • Exchange System: 210-225-5566
  • Banking: Broadway Bank and San Antonio Credit Union

Medical Services: San Antonio Military Medical Center (SAMMC) is the most modern health care facility in the United States Army, and its also the Army's only Level 1 Trauma Center. The SAMMC includes 450 inpatient beds, 48 ICU beds, 12 operating rooms, four dental rooms and five oral surgery suits. 210-916-4141 or DSN 312-429-4141.


Fort Sam Houston is seen by many as a living museum because it has history that goes back to 1845, when the post was first set up in Alamo City. After the Civil War, Fort Sam Houston was relocated away from the city, as they thought it was important to move it away from people in general. Multiple posts and housing facilities were added before 1900, which is why this base has a great deal of historical buildings. In fact, this military base has the most historical buildings out of all the United States military posts.


Since San Antonio is the seventh largest city in the USA, you don't have to be hosted at Fort Sam Houston, although it's likely more expensive to pay for off site accommodation. On site housing is handled by Lincoln Military Housing, and they control over 900 homes within 8 different villages for troops. It's your choice, but you can either buy or rent a home through Lincoln.


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