Fort Pickett Army base is a military and a National Guard installation in Blackstone, Virginia. It is the home to Virginia National Guard where the Army National Guard Maneuver Training Center can be found. Because it is one of the largest training facilities in the east, it houses several training facilities for new recruits making it one of the excellent training camp sites in America. It is the key post for the Army, Air Force, Marine Corps and Navy. In fact, it has given many contributions to USA troops during the World War II and Cold War for its excellence in training and military exercises. Moreover, since the Blackstone Air Field can be found in this campsite, the supplies and equipment are directly shipped to Fort Pickett.

Cost of Living: 83.0 (low compared to US average of 100)

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: (434) 292-8621

Base Population: 60,000 (potential population)

City/Area Population: 3574

Child Development Center:

  • Ashleigh’s In-Home Daycare

203 East Irvin St

Blackstone, Virginia

+1 434-294-9099

  • Kenston Forest School

75 Ridge Rd

Blackstone, Virginia 23824

+1 434-292-7218

  • Nottoway County High School

5267 Old Nottoway Rd

Crewe, Virginia 23930

+1 434-292-5373

Youth Programs:

  • Blackstone Presbyterian Church Youth

301 Chruch St

Blackstone, Virginia

+1 434-292-3829

  • Nottoway 4-H program

288 West Courthouse Road
Suite 129
P.O. Box 22
Nottoway, VA 23955-0022

(434) 645-9315

Airman and Family Readiness Center:

  • Fort Pickett Family Assistance Center

472 Military Road

Blackstone, VA 23824

(434) 292-2025

  • Fort Pickett - Family Readiness Support Group

Bldg 472, Military Road

(804) 380-6343


  • Office and administrative support – 15.33%
  • Management occupations – 10.19%
  • Sales job – 9.99%

Base Services:

  • Spherion – Employment Agency

930 S Main St, Blackstone,

VA 23824, United States

+1 434-292-1237

  • Internet Services – Internet Service Provider

Blackstone, VA 23824, United States

+1 434-292-5115

  • Butch’s Wrecker Services and Garage – Towing Service

725 N Main St, Blackstone,

VA 23824, United States

+1 434-292-5553

Medical Services:

  • Southside Medical Management

517 W Atlantic St, South Hill,

VA 23970, United States

+1 434-447-2836

  • Carilion Clinic

119 W 7th Ave, Kenbridge,

VA 23944, United States

+1 434-676-3427


The Fort Pickett Army Base was named after Confederate General George Pickett, a US Army Officer who is best remembered for his participation on the bloodiest and most futile assault at the Battle of the Gettysburg which was later on coined as Pickett’s Charge.  This army base was originally opened just before America entered the World War II.

The site was first a Civilian Conservation Camp which was few miles away from Blackstone, Virginia. And since the land surveyors found that there is adequate supply of water, land and other resources that are essential in establishing a military post, they consider the land that is 45,867 acres as the appropriate camp for the simultaneous training of more than one infantry division. The mere fact that the site offers an accessible railroad, this makes it apt for mountain and coastal training site construction. And by December 1941, after acquiring lands from Nottoway, Lunenburg, Dinwiddie and the counties in Brunswick, the site was cleared as a preparation for the construction of the prime buildings.

During the World War II, Fort Pickett was picked as one of the military sites that are ideal for increasing the production of the infantry training sites. Two rail spurs were added to the camp’s building and the efficiency of moving the troops in and out the military installation was increased. In fact, in 1942 the airfield transportation was completed where a tower that is seated next to the hangar was placed. Yet although the campsite has become the training ground for the new recruit, the post has also areas for entertainment, fitness, post exchanges and various satellite PXs.

And in the 1960s, the Virginia National Guard Maneuver Training Center was established with a primary mission to store and maintain valuable equipment that includes armored tanks. The visiting units are given the chance to use this equipment without any worrying about the additional cost of transporting their own equipment to the campsite.  However, everything has changed in 1970 when the a re-designation of the camp happened to Fort Pickett.

From a simple campsite for training with some areas of entertainment, fitness and post exchanges, the direction for the Fort Pickett Army base was changed to offering more training that is beyond training the Army Reserve. Lots of active duty forces are now receiving training at Fort Pickett on a yearly basis and completion of new building at the campsite have occurred. The new buildings constructed houses enlisted personnel and serve as an administrative facility as well as a mess hall in the camp site. And as the years go by, several building additions were included in the campsite.


The Fort Pickett Army base serves as the main training facility and headquarters for the Virginia Army Reserve as well as to the Virginia National Guard. Because the campsite is large enough to have simultaneous training, it houses multiple branches of military posts that are stationed at the army base. Its facilities are dedicated to the training of military personnel and units, and to nonmilitary organizations as well. The offices of the US Marshal, Civil Air Patrol, ATF, FBI and Virginia State Police can also be found in this huge army base.

Every year, a military exercise takes place at this army base for 36 Canadian Brigade Group which can be found at Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. The joint exercise which is referred as the Exercise South Bound Trooper is between the Canadian Forces of Primary Reserves and the Virginia National Guard that adheres to the NATO doctrine.


Lodging reservations takes place in the Fort Pickett Billeting. However, interested visitors are required to contact the MTC State lodging within 72 hours of arrival in order to confirm the reservation. The reservation is then picked up at the Police Department situated in Bldg No. 471 with proper coordination with the Housing Manager.

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    Not much history of the Fort during training for Viet Nam and the Cold War. I was there for Army Basic and Medical Basic from 4-52 , 9-52 before going to Fort Sam in Texas. When we arrived as crude recruits we had to repair the barracks and pull weeds from the area. Those units had not been used since the end of WWII. All I can say about the experience was – I have never sweat that much in my whole life!


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