Fort Monroe is an Army installation from 1781 until September of 2011, due to the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Commission or 2005 BRAC the base was deactivated. On November 1, 2011, President Barrack Obama declared the Fort Monroe as the National Monument under the Antiquities Act. Old Point Comfort where an English explorer was nicknamed to includes Fort Monroe that had served as key defensive place during the war that is located at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. The Fort has witnessed and been part of the rich history of the place that also has been the foundation of the nation’s history.

Cost of Living: 102 US average is 100

Automated Telephone Attendant number: (757) 727-2000

Base Population: small numbers of Senior Citizen

City/Area Population: 230,571

Child Development Centers: 3

        Downtown Hampton Child Development Center

Address: 1306 Thomas St., Hampton, VA 23669

Telephone number: (757) 825-6200


        Calvary Child Development Center

Address: 1380 N. Mallory St. Hampton, VA 23663

Telephone number: (757) 722-2826


        Mom’s Tot Spot Child Development Center LLC

Address: 502 Woodland Rd. Hampton, VA 23669

Telephone number: (757) 848-5984


Youth Programs: 2

        School Age Programs

Address: 100 Old Hampton Ln. Hampton, VA 23669

Telephone number: (757) 727-1300


        Youth Career Center of Hampton Roads

Address: 4554 Virginia Beach Blvd. Suite 990 Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Telephone number: (757) 233-8686


Airman and Family Readiness Center:

Employment: 804.8

Base Services: 1

        Fleet and Family Support Center

Address: 7928 14th St. # 102, Norfolk, VA 23505

Telephone number: (757) 444-2102


Medical Services:

        Hampton VA Medical Center

Address: 100 Emancipation Dr. Hampton, VA 23667

Telephone number: (757) 722-9961


        Hampton Newport News Community Services Board

Address: 300 Medical Dr. Hampton, VA 23666

Telephone number: (757) 788-0300



During the exploration years in 1608, an English explorer named Captain John Smith found the spot that would become Fort Monroe, it is stated that the Captain found the area suitable to be a little isle for a castle and that the  place has brought great comfort to the Captain. The Fort is nicknamed Old Point Comport which remains up to these days. A year after the place’s discovery, settlers have built a wooden fortification that was named Fort Algernourne from 1609 to 1612.

 In 1619, the White Lion, a Dutch Ship that brought 30 Bantu indentured servants to Old Point Comfort from Angola. The two of the Africans arrived in the area are the couple named Isabella and Antonio. Isabella gave birth to the first African child that is born in America in 1624.

 The site has become the home of the future forts. In 1632, the Fort was built at Old Point Comfort and was destroyed by the hurricane in 1667. In 1728, another Fort named Fort George was built and again was destroyed by a hurricane in 1749. The building that remained inside the fort were continued in force up until 1775 and in 1781 a battery was built at the ruins of Fort George. During the reign of President James Madison, the Fort was declared to be constructed in 1819 that makes it the largest stone fort that was ever built in America. In 1834, the construction is completed and it featured a moat that completely encompasses its inner structures.

 In the December of 1860, South Carolina has from the Union and was followed in 1861 by Virginia. Fort Monroe, on the other hand, remained part of the Union. On May 27, 1861, Major General Benjamin Butler, a post commander, has issued the Fort Monroe Doctrine that declared that any slaves reaching the fort as the contraband of war is not to be returned to the bondage and to be made a freeman. In 1862, witnessed the naval Battle of the Hamptons Road, the battle is between the first ironclad warships, USS Monitor and CSS Merrimack. This battle has ended the use of wooden warships and the start of the iron made ship. During the Civil War, President Lincoln came to the Fort Monroe and declared that Norfolk VA is needed to be recaptured and be a Union Territory. As the Civil War ended on April 1865, the remaining Confederate troops of General Robert E. Lee were forced to surrender to Union General Ulysses S. Grant. And on April 26, 1865, confederate President Jefferson Davis was imprisoned in the Fort Monroe casement for 3 days. And in 1892, fort Monroe has become the military artillery training site and on September 15, 2011, Fort Monroe was declared deactivated as a military installation and returned to the ownership of the Commonwealth of Virginia.


During the Civil war, Fort Monroe has become the transfer point for the mail exchange from the states to the Confederacy that is addressed to the different locations in the Union. In World War II, Fort Monroe also became the headquarters for the training soldiers to be deployed for war. It is also become the United States Army Training and Doctrine command. Today, fort Monroe is now a historical site and a boarding high school will be opened in the year 2016-17.


The housing quarter that is located inside the fort is available as a rental property. Some of the structure such as Chamberlain Hotel currently held some non-military civilians that are composed of senior citizens. The renovations of the 170 building have just begun and continuous which is why the current number of rental property is not available.

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