Spread across 60,000 acres, Fort McCoy is christened in honor of a World War 1 veteran, Major General Robert Bruce McCoy.  This installation is home to WING Challenge Academy, MATES, USAR Pay Center, 181st Infantry Brigade, 86th training division, 88th regional support command, ECS 67, SSG Todd R. Cornell NCO Academy, Civilian Personnel Advisory Center, WI State Patrol Academy, WING, Regional Training Site-Maintenance, and several other military communities.

Cost Of Living: The average cost of living in Tomah and Sparta is almost 20% lower than that of the rest of the country at approximately 80%.

Automated Telephone Attendant Numbers: 608-388-2222

Base Population: The population of the base comprises of 144,152 retired military officials, 3900 military students, 400 military personnel and 2000 civilians.

City/Area population: Monroe County consists of approximately 45,298 citizens as per the 2013 consensus.

Child Development Centers: The child care center at Fort McCoy offers services ranging from respite care provided on special available basis, to part day preschool, full day childcare services and hourly care for children from ages 6 weeks up to 5 years. A pre-k program known by the name of Army Strong Beginnings is available to prepare kids for their kindergarten classes.

Youth Programs: There is a summer camp available for children who are in kindergarten to the fifth grade. There is also a teen program that provides services for teenagers and middle school students that include summer camp activities for middle school children. There are also no-school day programs and after school day services.

Airman and Family Readiness Center: 608-388-3505

Employment: In all of the Monroe County area the 2 units that provide the maximum employment are Wal Mart and Fort McCoy. The average rate of unemployment in county is approximately 5.5% as of the year 2014. The average overall income of the region is approximately US$ 48,768.

Base Services:

  • The services on post include banking services (RIA Federal Credit Union), an Exchange System (the exchange system provides a shoppette and a small exchange)
  • MWR facilities include fishing, tennis, gym, outdoor activities, auto hobby, library, bowling, arts and crafts and many more such fun and interesting recreational activities Commissaries: There is a mid sized commissary on the post (608-388-3542)

Medical Services: Providing medical services to all ECT Soldiers, national guard and reserve guard troops at the time of their annual training is the Troop Medical Clinic. This clinic also does the physicals for new civilians who are looking to get enlisted in the army. Other than this the clinic also provides primary health care for military personnel. Besides this service members need to sign up with Tricare Prime remote once they are enlisted in the military services. This avails them to get off post healthcare from non-military medical providers. Soldiers need to also maintain and file all health care records, as no medical records are maintained with the Troop medical clinic.


First formed as the Sparta Maneuver Act this post has been in use since 1909.  The tract earlier comprised of Camp Robinson and Camp Emory. Running from East to west a line of the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific railroad separated both camps. Eventually in the year 1910 the camp was renamed in honor of World War 1 veteran Robert Bruce McCoy who had purchased part of the property on which the fort currently stands and proposed for it to be a training ground. Finally in 1926 the name of the post was shortened to Camp McCoy. In the year of 1938 drastic expansion of the camp was done. This included acquiring an additional 45000 acres of land as well construction of several new buildings including living quarters for the troop. This expansion increased the capacity of the camp to house around 35,000 soldiers. During World War 2, the camp was even used as a detention center for Japanese, Italian American and German civilians who were considered to be enemy aliens by the armed forces.


The Units of Fort McCoy are the 225th Engineer Brigade, Louisiana Army National Guard, 769th Engineer Battalion, and 194th Engineer Brigade.


Approximately ten minutes away from Fort McCoy, in the Sparta Area there are 57 units for housing. 56 additional housing units are being constructed which are due to be complete in the autumn of 2016. For more information about housing please contact 608-388-3704.


Example of Fort McCoy Barracks

Child Development Center playground

Sparta - Bicycling Capital of America

Fort McCoy Commissary

Army Community Service

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