Fort Leavenworth is the most ancient active Army installation which is located west of Mississippi River, in betwixt Missouri and Kansas. The army base is composed of lush green compound and the rustic essence of hometown. Leavenworth is a historical landmark and has served for the past 180 years. The fort is situated on the Frontier Military Scenic Byway (U.S Route 69 and K-7 corridor) which formerly bridged Fort Scott National Historic Site and Fort Gibson.

Cost of living: The cost of living in here is comparingly lower (19.33%) than the average U.S.

Automated Telephone Attendant number: 913-684-4021 or 312-552-4021 (DSN)

Base Population: the army installation of Fort Leavenworth comprises of 2,150 civilians 5,383 active soldiers and 5,200 family members.

City/ area Population: Fort Leavenworth has total population strength of 34,993.

Child Development Centers: The Child Development Centers (CDC) in Leavenworth accommodates for children of age 6 weeks to 5 years. The centers have programs that include full day, Part-Day care for preschool, before/after care for kindergartners and also hourly care. Contact CDC: 913-684-9351; Fort Leavenworth Child Care: 913-684-9391.Fort Leavenworth provides schooling services via 1 junior high school and 3 elementary schools on post. The seniors from the high school of this army base attend Immaculata Catholic High School or Leavenworth Public High School. Another option that helps to fulfill the demand for education is the Lansing Unified School District. For more information, contact: 913-684-1655.

Youth Programs: There is a 9,000 square foot multi-functional gym at this installation (Harold Youth Center), video games, large screen VCR/TV, billiard room, treadwall vertical mountain climbing machine, and snack room and dining area. To contact: 913-684-5131. There is room for teens to laze around in The Underground Teen Lounge for 9th grade to 12th grade students. Contact: 913-684-5135.

Airman and Family Readiness Center: 913-684-2800.

Employment: Unemployment rate in Leavenworth is 10.60%. The average household income is $57,349. The chief employer available on post is the Federal Service Positions-Civil Service. The other job aspects include Nursing (both L.P.N and R.N.), substitute teaching available on post and off post (Kansas certificate is essential), Federal and State Justice System (the US Army Disciplinary Barracks along with 4 prisons).

Base Services:

Financial Facilities: Frontier Credit Union, Armed Forces Bank, N.A. on post.

MWR Facilities: art and craft, theatre, bowling, fishing, camping, tennis, library, golf, etc. are some of the recreational facilities available in Fort Leavenworth, KS.

1 large exchange, a shoppette and a mall on post are present. To contact: 913-651-7271; 913-651-7273; 913-651-7275. 1 commissary on post is available. To contact: 913-684-4903.

Medical Services: For providing primary medical care the Munson Army Health Center caters to the demand of the health requirements in Leavenworth. It has a minimum of 25 beds to support patients. To contact: 913-684-6250.


Fort Leavenworth was installed in 1827 boasting one of the largest and oldest National Historic Landmark Districts in the Department of the Army. This fort stands 10 miles south of Fort de Cavagnial; the westernmost fort in Louisiana (New France). The Fort was deserted by the French after the French and Indian War terminated. The Buffalo Soldiers had their basics inherited from the Fort at Leavenworth.

During the 1850’s the militant force of the Leavenworth army base was marshaled to lead the “Mormon Problem” which later on came to be known as the Utah War.

 In 1881, General William T. Sherman had inaugurated the School of Application for infantry and soldiers on horseback. The school evolved and emerged to be as the U.S Army Command and General Staff College which still exists in Fort Leavenworth.


The major units that are functioning under the Fort Leavenworth are: 308th Military Battalion; 35th Infantry Division (M); 500th MP Detachment; 705th Military Police Battalion; 902nd Military Intelligence Group;  Army National Guard, Battle Command Training Center; CGSC; Combined Arms Center- Training (CAC-T); DENTAC; MEDDAC; National Simulation Center.


Residing on post here is a matter of choice and is not obligatory. Frontier Heritage Communities operate the private housing units. The units include 1,580 three to four bedroom, eight plexes , multi plexes and duplexes. These are for soldiers of all ranks. To contact: 913-682-6300.

Riverside Community Center, Leavenworth

Child Development Center/Family Support Center

Army Community Center

Officer quarters

Enlisted Barracks

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