One of the largest military installations in the United States is the Fort Knox Army Base. It is situated at a distance 35 miles away from Louisville encompassing a total area spread over 109,000 acres shared by 3 Kentucky counties. Fort Knox is solely responsible for the entire functioning of Soldiers’ career management, starting from taking oath to departing the services. To crown the military advantage, Fort Knox also boasts of Patton Museum which is a great attraction for tourists. It holds data and artifacts from the dusts of the World War I.

Cost of Living: In Fort Knox is 4% below the average for U.S.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number:  502-624-1181

Base Population: The population of Fort Knox accounts to approximately 40,000 which comprises of 26,000 soldiers, civilian employees, and family members.

City/ Area Population: According to the 2010 U.S Census, Hardin County boasts of an odd 106,000 population scattered over an area of 616 square miles.

Child Development Centers: there are two Child Development Centers in Fort Knox nationally ascribed by the National Academy of Early Childhood Education. The child development centers are entirely titled by Department of Defense. Pre-school program rooms entitled for full day care are endowed with computer systems and softwares for varying range to supplement the needs of the children.

Youth Programs:  the students of the army base of Fort Knox are titled to go the Fort Knox Community Schools system which belongs to the Kentucky District. This District is one of the five domains in the Department of Defense Domestic Dependent Elementary and Secondary Schools. DDESS is a share of the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) which uniquely caters to the demand of children belonging to military families worldwide. The schools belonging to the Fort Knox Community are Van Voorhis Elementary School (grade Pre K to 5); Macdonald Elementary School (grade 1 to 5); Scott Middle School (grade 6 to 8) and Fort Knox High School (grade 9 to 12). To contact: 503-624-2345.

The Middle School/ Teen Services indulges in many prolific programs through the affiliation of Boys and Girls Clubs of America and $-H clubs for the ones belonging to grade 6th to 12th. Devers youth Center has a grand gymnasium for basketball as well as sports. It proffers a secured and fun-filled abode for friends to meet, indulge in new friendships, and play their favorite sports, video games. They are also allowed to use the computers in lab, employ the Homework Center in the weight room. To Contact: 502-624-6442; DSN 312-464-6442.

Airman and Family Readiness Center: 502-624-8391; 502-624-6291.

Employment: the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center in Building 488 and the Kentucky Office of Employment and Training in Building 1109 are the officially the hub of employment prodigy. The ACS Employment Readiness Program offers employment info and other associated services generally to those who have been relocated due to change of station of their family’s military officials or civilian employers.

Base Services:

  • Financial Facilities: Armed Forces Bank, N.A.; Fort Knox Federal Credit Union. These financial institutions are on post.
  • MWR Facilities: Entertainment hubs in For Knox include art and craft, library, bowling, swimming, golf, gym, outdoor activities, Water Park, fishing, and camping.
  • 2 shoppettes on post, one mall and a large exchange. To contact: 502-942-0067. One large commissary on post. To contact: 502-624-8525.

Medical Services: the Fort Knox populace is aided by the Ireland Army Community Hospital (IACH) for general and advanced medical help.  It also leads Troop Medical Clinic (TMC), Behavioral Health building, an Optical Fabrication Laboratory, and an Industrial Hygiene laboratory which prepares mask inserts and related equipment for majority of the soldiers in Eastern United States. To contact: 502-624-9333.


During the American Civil War, Fort Knox was for the first time put to use as a military encampment in 1861. The area circumscribing the Fort Knox was returned to the local community after the surrender of General Lee at Appomattox. The area was still utilized for soldiers to train and assemble. In 1918, the idea to build a permanent military installation was taken into action.

The army base was christened after the former Secretary of War, Henry Knox who is considered to be a Hero of the Continental Army in the Revolutionary War. The construction had to be postponed due to World War I and expanded only after the outbreak of World War II. By 2010 the base lost many of its personnel and units, and thus relocated in Fort Benning, Georgia. By the fall of 2011, the Fort was rebounded to its original valor.


The Army Base in Fort Knox has various units, namely- Army Cadet Command, Army Human Resources Command, Army Recruiting Command, 19th Engineer Battalion the 3rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command, 4th Cavalry Brigade, 1st Army Division (East).


The on-post housing units of Fort Knox are privatized under the Actus Lend Lease which resulted in the formation of Knox Hills LLC. Knox Hills LLC functions and maintains all family housing on Post. To contact: 502-799-6550.

Knox Hills Housing Office

Devers Youth Center

Ft.Knox Child Development Center.

 Ireland Army Community Hospital

North and South Dietz

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