Hemmed in the hills of Mojave Desert, situated midway between Nevada, LA and Las Vegas is Fort Irwin in California. It is precisely located 37 miles to the northeast side of Barstow. This installation is a training ground, reporting to the FORSCOM, U.S. Army and has been successfully running realistic training programs for encouraging and developing, leaders, units and soldiers of the U.S. Army. This place is all about the desert, but Lake Arrowhead is just 2 hours away, which has plenty of tall trees and lakes for visitors to enjoy.

Cost of living: The cost of living here is Fort Irwin is quite lower, about 13.46% than the average for major cities in U.S.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: 312-470-3369 (DSN) or 760-380-3369

Base population: Fort Irwin is well resourced to provide accommodations for 84 organizations, 4,688 civilians, 5,318 rotational soldiers, 4640 active duty personnel, 88 Reserve/National Guard and 7,053 family members.

City/Area population: This entire area has a population of 21,787.

Child Development Centers: there are 2 child development centers here at Fort Irwin. One is a full time care center and another is an hourly program for kids on the site. Call 760-380-2270/2257 for more information regarding CDC.

Youth Programs: There are quite  a few youth programs run here like SAS (School Age Services), Youth Sports, sponsorships and Teen Center. Some of these programs include HIRED, EDGE and SKIES Unlimited for activities, classes and workshops. Call at 760-380-7751/3732 for more information.

Airman and Family Readiness Center: 760-380-4784

Employment: With the average household income being $44,684, the job market in Fort Irwin is highly competitive. The unemployment rate in this small community is 11.9%.

Base Services:

Commissaries: the commissary here has gift cards, sales and more. Contact- 760-380-3422

Exchange system: there is 1 main exchange here, along with 2 gas stations and 2 shoppettes. Contact- 760-380-2060

FMWR: there are quite a few recreational centers over here, like the Spray Park, Strike Zone Bowling Center and eateries. For more information call- 760-380-5111

Banking: the Armed Forces Bank is the only financial Institution here at Fort Irwin.

Medical Services: the Weed Army Community hospital here is responsible for offering medical services. They offer proper care with utmost compassion, but specialty care is inadequate. For patient appointments call- 866-460-5305 or 760-380-3124. You may also call at 866-835-1647 for after hours emergencies.


It all started on 8th August 1940, when 1000 square miles of land were withdrawn from public areas in Southern California under presidential orders and was prepared to be used as the Anti-Aircraft gunnery range. The camp was later named Camp Irwin, after the battle commander in World War I, Major General George Irwin. Later in 1951 this place housed the Army Armour and Desert Training Centre of the United States and came to be known as Fort Irwin in 1961. In the year 1981, For Irwin got re-designated as the NTC (National Training Center). After 1981, the development of this place has been very rapid, and it’s come to be known for providing the best of amenities.  This installation serves as a major training center in the nation.


This installation meant for Training is also home to a number of major units including 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, DENTAC, C Det, 203rd Military Intelligence, Det 6, 57th WG Det (Ravens Air Warriors), 1st Squadron, 11th ACR “Ironhorse”, 2nd Squadron, 11th ACR “Eaglehorse”, MEDDAC, Operations Group, USACIDC, Support Squdron, 11th ACR, NTC Support Battalion and U.S. Army Garrison.


Housing options in Fort Irwin are available for both military personnel with or without families. For single soldiers, getting instant accommodation upon arrival is quite rare. If the stay is just for a few days one may consider staying at a motel in Barstow and if it extends to a few months, there a  number of places in Barstow that offer housing on a monthly payment basis. For staying on post in Fort Irwin one may have to wait for a few days to a few months. Privatised housing is available in Fort Irwin for military members as well as their families. Soldiers of all ranks along with their families are eligible to avail housing on post. Such houses include 2 bedrooms to 4 bedrooms and some of these are made handicap accessible. Fort Irwin lacks mobile homes, but has an RV site. You can contact the HSO for more information on housing or call on 760-380-3434.

916th Support Brigade

Riders-Painted Rocks

Military Connection Resource Center (MCRC)

Welcome to Ft. Irwin

Big Sur is a days drive (350 miles), but well worth the drive.

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    I was station at Fort Irwin from 1984-1987 with 11th MI company / changed to C Co 513 MI Group / changed to C Co 513 MI BN / changed to C Co 203rd MI BN / Changed to FMIG (FOREIGN MATERIAL INTELLIGENCE BATTALION) I would like to find more history on our mission plus the solders I was stationed with


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