Fort Hunter Liggett is the largest Army Reserve Command Post in the United States and serves many important roles for training and support, located at 238 California Ave, FHL CA. 93928 in west central California, about 30 miles Southeast of Monterrey which covers over 165,000 acres.

The area encompasses a diverse range of territory such as desert, mountainous and thick forests making it a perfect location for Army training. Other branches of the Military use this facility for Joint Operations Exercises including the Navy and Marine Corps. Fort Hunter Liggett (FHL) offers training features like a 5 mile Convoy Live Fire Course, an Urban Assault course with a Live Fire Shoot House. In addition, this camp a  C-17 Dirt Assault Air Strips which there are only four in the Country for Airborne Training needs. Other services include multiple drop zones for parachutes, a training system for dismounted soldiers, 10 Station IED Defeat Lanes Trainer and, H.E.A.T. Training. This Base plays a vital part in the Army's Readiness Training for our Troops.

Cost of Living: Unfortunately, the central coast region, of which this facility is part of, is one of the highest cost of living sectors in the Country at +35% over the National Average but, the average salary is also much higher and compensates for these statistics.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: (831) 386-2506

Base Population: There are approximately 265 permanent military personnel and their families that live on the base; however, the population can swell to over 10,000 depending on what units are in training at the time.

City/Area Population: Fort Hunter Liggett is in a very remote region and the closest town of any size is Lockwood,California to the south with only 375 residents or King City which is 25 miles northeast with around 10,000 individuals.

Child Develop Centers: One on Base Child Day Care Facility is available. Contact CDC at (831) 386-2605.

The closest School Districts that provides buses to and from the base housing for children are San Antonio Union at (831) 385-3051 and King City Joint Union High School at (831) 385-0606.

Youth Programs: Contact the Coordinator of Youth Services at (831) 386-2680 Ext. 178

Family Readiness Center: On Base contact the ACS at (831) 386-2375 Ext. 196

Employment: There are very few opportunities in the job market for civilians on this base and King City would be the best place for family members of service personnel looking for employment. For Military jobs here try  for any postings.

Base Services: On Base Post Exchange in bldg. P-80  (831) 385-4585, also in bldg. P-80 is the Barber Shop (831) 386-2825.

Bowling can be found at Liggett Lanes in bldg.221 on Infantry Rd., which has 6 lanes and a bar with cold beer and pizza. (831) 386- 2194.

A fine Library is located at bldg. 291 7th Division Rd. (831) 386-2719.

A Sport Center with a full gym and an indoor pool in bldg. 291 Bradley Rd. (831) 386-2784 as well as a Recreation Center at bldg. At 287 Infantry Rd. (831) 386-2406.


With the onset of war looming in 1940 the Defense Department purchased most of the land that now makes up Fort Hunter Liggett from Publishing Magnet William Randolph Hurst whose famous mansion is not too far to the west of here. It was named for General Ligget Commander of the 1st Corps of the American Expeditionary force in WWI. He also served as Chief of Staff for General Pershing in that great conflict. The base became operational in 1941 and has served as a premier training facility for all branches of the military ever since. It is currently under command of the US Army Reserve.


Tenant Units are the 91st Training Division, 3rd Brigade, 356th Logistics Support Battalion, 80th  Administrators Military Occupational Skills Qualification, 31st Seabee Readiness Group and the 63rd Regional Support Command.


On base there are 84 Army family housing units and 186 billeting rooms. Contact the Billeting Office at (831) 386-2075 for applications and availability information.






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