Fort Gordon, also known as Camp Gordon, is one of the ancient establishments situated few miles southwest of Augusta City, Georgia in Richmond County, GA. The base is 138 miles distant from the glimmering entity of Charleston, South Carolina. The base is surrounded by beaches and entertaining equipments. Myrtle Beach and Savannah streets are 211 and 122 miles away from the installation respectively. Fort Gordon is a huge, multi-mission, multi- dimensional, multi-functional military installation providing base services. It proffers a wide spectrum of training, operational and soldier sustainable needs. The base supports Army and Department of Defense organizations and activities suggesting regional and world-wide missions like military intelligence, cyber operations, medical and dental care, force integration and mobilization.

Cost of Living: About 6.2% lower as compared to the average cost of living of major US cities.

Automated Telephone Attendant number: 706-791-0110; 312-780-0110.

Base Population: The base population of Fort Gordon, GA is a combination of 15,130 active soldiers, 20,135 family members, 45,746 retired personnel and their family members. The aggregation amounts to 94,679.

City/Area Population: Richmond County has a population of 195,844. The neighboring

Columbia County has a population of 110,627; Aiken County has strength of 160,099.

Child Development Centers: Fort Gordon Child Development Center proffers a whole day developmental and care program for infants, pre-toddlers, preschool students of age 6 weeks to 5 years of age. To contact: 706-791-2701; 706-791-6761.

Youth Programs: Students living within the army base goes to attend the Richmond County schools. Some of the military dependent children attend schools in the neighboring Columbia County. The Fort Gordon Youth Services is affiliated under the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and 4-H. It provides quality programs for the youths belonging to the age group 11 years to 17 years in the four service sectors namely; sports, fitness, real life skills, citizenship and leadership values, respites, cognitive and mentoring activities, intervention and helping services. To contact: 706-791-7575.

Airman and Family Readiness Center: 706-791-3579.

Employment: Augusta has an unemployment rate accounting to 6.9% whereas Georgia has a rate of 6.4%. The Richmond County suffers from an unemployment rate of 8.0% and that of Columbia County has 5.4%. CareSouth, T-Mobile, Solo Cup Company, NutraSweet, Teleperformance, Sitel Corporation and so on provides employment facilities in Augusta.

Base Services:

Financial facilities: Fort Gordon Community Credit Union; Wells Fargo Bank.

MWR facilities: dining, outdoor activities, library, travelling activities are present to avail.

1 mall and 3 shopping destinations stand within the army base.

Medical Services: the Fort Gordon Army Base is equipped with Dwight D.Eisenhower Army Medical Center, local hospitals, and two veteran Administration hospitals which offers medical support to the army personnel and their family members.  Even the pet lovers will have no problem as there is a veterinary clinic in the building S-500. All animals of all kind have to be enlisted in its registration account. To contact: 706-787-5811.


The Gordon Camp played a major role during the World War I. the name was coined after John Brown Gordon, an entrepreneur besides being a Confederate army and the US senate.  In July, 1917 the camp was inaugurated. The camp gained fame when it was decided that it would house the 82nd All American Division.  It had soldiers enrolled from several states.

During 1941, the fort was proposed to be reconstructed and updated but the process ceased after the attack at Pearl Harbor. Till 1970, Fort Gordon served as a training institute for all the novice soldiers. The professional troops were trained individually with un-altered attention. The camp played a great role in the Vietnam War but it was not remembered as the base was abandoned.

In 2006, the training base was activated once more. At present the Fort stands with glorious emergence training military troops and accounting for the largest training base.


Fort Gordon Army Base has in total 40 units coming from adjoining domains at the camp. They belong to air force (two), marines (one) while the other two comes from navy. All the units directly serve under the Installation Management Command (IMCOM).


The temporary inhabitants of Fort Gordon are allowed to stay at specified buildings or hotels. The permanent ones have their own homes to support. There are bureaucratic procedures to attend when a newcomer joins the camp in order to attain housing facilities. Fort Gordon enjoys 10000 housing units. All of them are functional under the authority of Balfour Beatty Communities. To contact: 706-772-7041.

Broad Street in Bloom

Army Wives Network Seminar at Fort Gordon

The new Courtyard Pool opened in 2012

Darling Hall Soldier Service Center

Georgia Avenue Home

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