Fort Eustis is based in Newport News, Virginia. It is an US army installation that has been a home to Aviation logistics school and Army transportation corps. The installation also carries out various research and development activities for both marine as well as aviation activities.

Huge amount of cadets receive education in this camp base for different units of the army. Combining the Joint Base Langley and Langley Air force, Fort Eustis plays a vital role for various units of the US army.

Cost of living: 4% less than US

Automated Telephone attendant number: 757-878-1212, DSN – 312-826-1212

Base population: 7,700

City/area population: 23,700

Child Development Centers: There are various elementary schools built for child development care. Elementary school on Post: 757-888-3200 and Madison Child Development: 757-878-3294.

Youth Programs: The main youth development activities include LAFB Shellbank Youth Development Center: 757-764-2300.

Airman and Family Readiness Center: One of the best Airman and Family readiness center near Fort Eustis is A&FRC: 757-764-3990

Employment: The army and national services are one of the biggest sources of employment near Fort Eustis. However, there are various options available for army veterans.

Base Services: The main base services near Fort Eustis are Federal workshop programs and Langley Air Force base services. Along with this there are other base service options like camping, golf and fishing activities.

Medical Services: Fort Eustis has all the medical services required; one of its biggest medical centers is the McDonald Army Health Center: 757-314-7692.


The foundation for Fort Eustis had been laid long ago in the year 1607 during the colonial rule. English colonists had settled over here during the 17th century and this base had a major role to play in huge amount of wars since then. When the Jamestown area settled down during the colonial rule along the James River it had been used for various marine activities. It has witnessed constant changes since then and the main military activities started over here when the control of this area went into the hands of the Federal government.

At first, from the year 1607 to around 1612 the Jamestown area had been going under financial stabilization under Lord Delaware. The first ever war in which this region contributed was the American Civil war. In the year 1862 there were various defense works carried out in Virginia Peninsula for the American civil war and this extended till Yorktown. After this, Fort Eustis camp got its name during the First World War when the army bought the Mulberry Island for setting up their base in this region. In the year 1918 the camp played a major role and helped the army in their preparation activities to set up a base for the World War 1.

While building their camp during the First World War the army had to relocate the residents and the first official name of this base was Camp Abraham Eustis. It was named after Brigadier General Abraham Eustis; the general had been the commander in this region for most part of the 19th Century. Later, in the year 1923 the camp became a permanent installation and it got the name Fort Eustis.

During 1918 the army bought this camp for an amount of $538,000 and the prime aim for setting up this camp for having a coast artillery center near Fort Monroe. Until 1931 the camp was mainly an infantry artillery unit, but after the inclusion of federal prison and rehabilitation center the camp came up with host of services for the army.


Some of the major units located in Fort Eustis are 7th Sustainment Brigade, Army training support center, Army aviation logistics school, Army aviation technology Directorate, 597th Transportation Brigade and Installation Management Command. The aviation maintenance, marine activities, transportation and logistics centers make it an important hub for the armed forces base. The landscape of this camp provides a nice base to carry out a range of activities for different units of the army.

Over a period of time this army installation has witnessed a combination of dozen joint bases. The majority of these bases have been supporting the aviation part of the army.


Fort Eustis has good lodging facilities that includes host of hotels and motels near the camp. The Hampton roads community consists of the well known Balfour Beatty Residential area and Newport News. Today there are more than 880 in ten different communities present near the Fort Eustis camp base. There are huge amount of recreational and entertainment activities available for the soldiers to make them feel at home. Warwick and James rivers make this place a hub for fishing and sailing activities. There is also a US Army transportation museum present near the base that consists of various memorabilia of Fort Eustis.







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