This base is known to be the foundation and beginning of the history of Des Moines. The primary purpose of building this fort was to offer protection to the Sak & Fox tribes. It is referred as a military garrison at Iowa and began settlements in the year 1845 with a mere 127 residents. The base had a crucial role during American Civil war and is a living history for different historical landmarks and remembering the inspiring military history. Since its inception, the fort has always been a power of economic influence in the Midwest besides being a great contributor towards the development of the Lowa city.

Cost of living: 20% less than US

Telephone attendant number: +1 515-242-690, DSN: N/A

Base population: 25,206

City/area population: 207,510

Child Development Centers: Fort Des Moines is on the outskirts and pretty far from the main city center. There is no dedicated Child Development center but one might move to Des Moines for such services. Some of these centers include Urban Dale Childcare: +1 515-270-1426‎, Loving Arms Child Care: +1 515-270-0150 and Mercy Child Development Center: +1 515-243-6232.

Youth Programs: Fort Des Moines Park offers environmental programming to youths and Fort Des Moines Provisional Army Officer Training School offers US Army Reserve training programs. One of those centers running successful youth programs is Stillwater Academy: +1-866-359-4600.

Employment: Besides being a reserve base and housing army personnel, the base has people doing private jobs and self-employed individuals.

Base Services: The base services offered near the Fort are by Fort Des Moines OWI Facility, US Army Reserve Center, US Army Recruiting Office Des Moines, Iowa National Guard, and Fort Des Moines Museum & Education Center

Medical Services: There are plenty of decent medical service centers which offer their services. Some of the known names are Fort Des Moines Dental: +1 515-287-5400, Broadlawns Medical Center: +1 515-282-2200, and Va Hospital: +1 515-699-5999.


It was in the year 1843 when the structure for Fort Des Moines was started. The Fort was also the stopping point of Kelly’s army that constituted of over 1000 unemployed men headed from Charles T.Kelly who were moving towards Washington DC. At the start of World War 1 when US had just started training and recruiting new personnel, there were 1000s of the Black Americans who had enlisted to fight against Germany. This led to an increase in pressure by the NAACP for including the black officers in the military training. For this purpose US army allotted this fort to offer training to the black Americans. This place was eventually named as Fort Des Moines Provisional Army Officer Training School. The training was limited to 1000 black officers and included only the ones that had completed college. This camp was spread over 400 acres which also invited 25th Infantry prisoner guard. Subsequently it was in the year 1904 and 1907 when 11th Cavalry and 2nd Cavalry had arrived respectfully.

This place had a crucial role to play during the race riots which took place during the year 1917. The fort was used for participating in the White Sparrow Patriotic Ceremony where black cadets had sung and marched for a gathering of over 10,000 people. Like the World War 1, similar training sessions were conducted during World War 2 as well. Ever since 1949, the fort has been converted into the post for US Army Reserve & continues to do so till today. It was in the year 2008, Des Moines MEPS had moved to Camp Dodge from Fort Deis Moines. Another 1st at the fort was the training of women officers in the US Army service during the year 1942.


Presently, Fort Moines forms a part of the Camp Dodge. It houses Fort Des Moines Museum along with an Education Center. The center hosts several exhibitions over the history along with several photos clubbed artifacts from history of the Des Moines. There is also a Fort Des Moines Memorial Park that had been built by James Morris’s grandson. James had initially acquired training at the 1st training camp during the World War 1.


The post presently houses Army Reserves along with other federal tenants. There are several loft apartments which have been built over historic buildings and have been very popular. The Fort is spread over a sprawling campus which is south of the Army Post Road and is miles away from the main city center. In the recent times there has been a considerable demand for multi-family housing over the south side.






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