Fort DeRussy Army base is situated within the Waikiki area of Honolulu. It comes under the jurisdiction of United States Army and acts as a United States military reservation center. The entire area is open for public traffic and remains unfenced from all corners. The entire installation mainly comprises of landscaped greenspace and the US Army Museum of Hawaii which previously was called Battery Randolph. There is the Hale Koa Hotel which belongs to the Armed Forces Recreation Center and is a part of the Fort.

Cost of living: 30% more than US

Telephone attendant number: US Defense Department: +1 808-971-8900, Fort DeRussy Armed Forces Center: +1 808-955-0555 and DSN: N/A.

Base population: NA

City/area population: 374,658

Child Development Centers: There are a couple of child development centers in the Honolulu area and are quite accessible to the Fort. Some of the Child development centers around the base include US Army’s Child Development Center: +1 808-655-5314, Harris Pre-school: +1 808-532-4175 and Alani Children’s Center: +1 808-734-9394.

Youth Programs: Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies offers some opportunity at the fort to research on security related studies in the Asia Pacific region. One of the best youth development centers around Honolulu is the YMCA youth center: +1 808-531-9622.

Employment: Primary employment of the people living in this region is within the tourism industry. Hawaii witnesses a huge footfall of tourists from across the world and tourism is the biggest industry.

Base Services: The base services offered near the Fort are by Armed Services YMCA, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, and Island Seaplane Services Inc.

Medical Services: As it is an island the costs of medical services and products are higher than the average USA cities.Some of the medical centers near Fort DeRussy include Fort DeRussy Army Medical Center: +1 808-433-3204 and Queens Medical Center: +1 808-691-1000.


There are 5 Fort DeRussy in United States and Honolulu has one among those. Louisiana has two of these forts while Kentucky along with Washing DC has a piece each. The Fort DeRussy in Honolulu was built during the American Civil War and was named after General Rene Edward Derussy. Rene along with his brother named Lewis had graduated from the United States Military Academy that is in the West Point. Rene had served as a Union side while Lewis served the Confederate Army. This fort is located near the Oahu’s historic beach of Royal Hawaiian Hotel as well as the Moana Hotel. The fort played a crucial role during the Vietnamese War by being used as a site for resting and recuperation for the servicemen.

Being among a number of shore batteries located at the island of Oahu, Fort DeRussy has been designed to offer coastal defense. The guns at the site were retired during 1950s while the 14 inch gun of Shore Battery Randolph was used for practice after the Pearl Harbor Attack. This event had shattered several windows at the Royal Hawaiian as well as Moana. However, after this event, guns were not fired again.


Among the units and inclusions at this fort are the Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies, Chapel of Fort DeRussy, Hale Koa Hotel, welfare & recreational facility, and a Morale. The fort also has the US Army Museum of Hawaii which is located within the Battery Randolph that is one of the old coastal artillery battery. Battery Randolph had been created in the year 1911 for defending Honolulu Harbor from any possible attacks. This facility is equipped with 27-inch guns over disappearing carriages.

This museum houses a collection of World War II armor pieces, small arms, battery, and one Ah-1 Cobra helicopter. Each of these exhibits showcase the history of the US Army welfare within the Pacific hemisphere. Another attraction at this fort is the beach park which is a beach sanctuary and is free to visit by the general public. It is a very active place for recreation where visitors have the option of jogging, playing volleyball, paddle boating and swimming.


The area is free to be used by general public and there are a lot of options for housing around the Honolulu area. Both rental and properties to buy are available subject to local rules and laws. However, within the fort, there are no residential options which are available. Monthly furnished accommodation is quite high when compared to US average.






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