Fort Bliss, along with the US Army Defense Artillery Centre in Texas is at the moment, the centre for training and education for the units and soldiers of the Air Defense Artillery. It is also the home to the academy of the army sergeants. The post stretches for 1.1 acres from the west of Texas and goes straight to New Mexico. The headquarters of the post along with the cantonment are situated in El Paso of Texas.

Cost of Living: It’s 16% below the average cost of living for most major cities of the US.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number:  915-568-2121

Base Population: There is a lot of diversity in the communities living in Fort Bliss, consisting of students, family members, retirees, employees and of course, soldiers. The area has more than 20,637 military personnel living in it. It is also home to 27,991 active duty personnel, 32,324 retirees along with 37,855 members of families of retired personnel. There are as many as 12,424 civilians living in Fort Bliss.

City/Area Population: El Paso: 827,718

Child Development Centers: There are five centers of child development in the area, and they offer hourly as well as weekly child care. They can provide with after or before school care to children in kindergarten. There are three after and before school care units for children in fifth grade and two teen centres and middle school along with a kindergarten class. The contact number of the child care services in Fort Bliss is 915-568-4374.

Youth Program: Youth Plex is situated on the main post and it has teen as well as Middle School programs, apart from being equipped with a game room that has foosball, billiards, computer lab, board and video games, big screen television, lounge, playground and teen patio. One video library, activities of craft and art even a park for skateboarding. The contact number is 915 568 4374.

Airman and Family Readiness Center: 915-569-5500

Employment: The three districts of large schools in El Paso are the biggest employees of Fort Bliss. The rate of employment has been recorded as 5.7% in 2014 and the median income of the household is about $40,345.

Base Services:

MWR Facilities: It is a recreational facility in Fort Bliss that comes with library, theatre, auto hobby, bowling, gym, swimming, golf, tennis as well as outdoor activities.

Commissaries: It has a huge commissary; the contact number is 915 568 6688.

Exchange System: A large exchange, six shoppettes, two mini malls open from 9 am to 9 pm.

Freedom Crossing at Fort Bliss: It is a fantastic shopping centre which is considered as the heart and soul of Fort Bliss. Along with restaurants and shops, the shopping centre has a ten screen movie theatre with stadium seating. It is known as the Grand Theatre.

Medical Services: The William Beaumont Army Medical Centre has 364 beds and the information desk line is 915 742 2121. The line for appointment is 915 742 2271. Health care services are also provided in the Soldier Family Medical Clinic (915 742 3042) as well as on the East Bliss Family Care Centre (915 742 1147).


It was in the year 1848 that the Fort Bliss was established for supporting the settlers and to act as the liaison for the Native Americans and the government of Mexico. It is one of the oldest of the Army posts in the area. The post was closed and relocated in 1854 and renamed to Fort Bliss. It was named after lieutenant Colonel William Wallace Smith Bliss who was an Army assistant at the time of the Mexican War.


The units in Fort Bliss include first armoured division – evaluation brigade combat team, 4-1 CAV, first BN (TS)(ADA) 362nd Regiment, 11th brigade, 31st brigade, 6th brigade, 32nd CRC BN, 62nd Army Band, 76th military police battalion, 741st ordnance company, 204th military intelligence battalion, 108th brigade, USA CAS Battalion and the 5035th garrison support unit.


Fort Bliss has a partnership with the GMH Military Housing with an objective to improve the housing community of the military families. In order to make arrangements for any sort of off-posting housing apart from temporary accommodations, you would have to contact the Community Homefinding, Relocation and Referral Services. Permanent accommodations could be availed by single personnel with a PCS status that include E-7 or above.

Modern Child Care Centers support family needs

Company Grade Quarters

Field Grade Bunglow Quarters

NCO Quarters

Replica Aquatic Center Indoor Pool

MWR Community Outdoor Pool

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