The location of Fort Benning Army Base is known commonly as the Tri-Community that comprises of Phenix City, Alabama; Columbus, Fort Benning, Georgia. Columbus is the second largest city in Georgia, and the best armoured soldiers and infantry is provided by Fort Benning.  The area serves as a foundation for the infantry that produces soldiers imbued with “warrior ethos”. Fort Benning also has the capacity of deploying soldiers as well civilians and units to any part of the world.

Cost of Living: 7.5% higher than the average national cost of living

Automated Telephone Number: 706-545-2011

Base Population: There are 22,778 soldiers, 54,108 family members, 13,296 retirees and 9,056 civil employees. The total population of the area is 110,887.

City/Area Population: 316,554

Child Development Centers: There are five centres of child development that provide care throughout the day for children between the age group of six weeks to five years. The contact number of the organisation is 706 545 2079.

Youth Programs: Fort Benning makes sure that the needs of youth are met with. Therefore, there are several facilities of leisure as well as recreational activities. In order to get more information, you can call 706 545 3070.

Airman and Readiness Centre: ACS 706 545 7517

Employment:  A lot of good companies have their headquarters in Columbus. One of the most prominent of them is the AFLAC Insurance. The wage is however on the lower side while the rate of unemployment is about 8%. The median income of the household in the area is about $37,905 and the median price of a home is $10,800.

Base Services:


Commissary: 1

Exchange: 1 main exchange, eight shoppettes along with many speciality shops.

Banking: Wells Fargo, Columbus Bank & Trust Co and the Kinetic Credit Union


Medical Services: Fort Benning Martin Army Community Hospital (MACH) offers proper medical care to eligible beneficiaries, and can be contacted at 762-408-2604/2605.


It was 1918 that the camp was established and given the permanent status. Initially, the camp was used for providing training for the First World War. In the year 1920 Congress declared Benning as a permanent post. Thus, building funds of more than a million dollars were appropriated. In the same year, 7,000 troops, 650 student officers and 350 officers were living in the camp.

The name of the post was changed to Fort Benning in the year 1922 when a politician, lawyer and a confederate general called Henry L. Benning rebelled against the right to ownerships of black slaves by white Americans. Brigadier General Briant Wells stepped as the commandant of Infantry School and also established the Wells Plan. This put more importance and emphasis on the facilities of recreation and a better outdoor environment for the military personnel.

During the tenure of Wells, there were some excellent developments as far as recreational facilities were concerned. Some of the mentionable developments were the Gowdy Field, Doughboy Stadium or the Russ swimming pool. The Doughboy Stadium was built as a tribute to all the fallen soldiers of the Second World War.


The major units in the area are the Infantry School, 11th Infantry Brigade, International Military Students Detachment, 36th engineer group, 29th infantry regiment, third brigade third infantry division, 75th Ranger Regiment, TRADOC Systems Manage – Antitank Missiles, TRADOC Systems Manager – Soldier, the US Army Physical Fitness School, Directorate of Public Safety, Army Physical Fitness School, Air Force Units, Directorate of Public Works, US Army Research Institute, US Army Marksmanship Unit, The Henry Caro Noncommissioned Officer Academy and the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation.


The warrant officers, company grade officers or the senior NOCs who draw the BAH are not required to reside at the post. One of the best housing facilities is the Battle Park Homes. It is a complex of single story apartments along with 223 units of bedrooms. The complex is located at the intersection of Custer Road and Benning Boulevard. It is open to all those who are enlisted as permanently assigned members as well as the allied officers who are stationed at the Fort Benning camp. It is a rental housing facility and the control of the housing is vested upon the hands of the government as it is leased on government land.

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