Fairfax County, VA located to the south of Alexandria, headquarters 19 different agencies like the Defense Contract Audit Agency, the Defense threat reduction agency and other units that report directly to the army. It is also the home to 249th Engineer battalion Prime Power as well as a U.S Air Force activity and the U.S. Army Prime Power School.  This historic installation at Fairfax plays a complex and vital role in the nation’s defense strategy.

Cost Of Living: 37.79% higher than average cost in major cities of the U.S.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: 703-545-6700

Base population: Fort Belvoir acts as the residence to 2,529 personnel on active duty, 6732 civilians as well as 76 reservists.

City/area Population: Alexandria has a population of 143,885.

Child Development Centers: Fort Belvoir has one school ages service center as well as two other child development centers. Among these three, Markham School Age Service consists of preschool services (part-day), full time care for the summer and breaks as well as before and after school care, while the North Post CDC offers full day care and South Post CDC offers full day and hourly care. All such services from these CDC are available for children of ages 6 weeks to 5 years. Child care homes (family approved) are available. 703-805-9114/703-805-9116

Youth Programs:  For young children of 6th grade-12th grade a middle school as well as teen program is run by the Youth Center at Fort Belvoir. Phone No.- 703-805-4515

Airman and Family Readiness Center: 703-805-5058/703-805-4590

Employment:  Although the employment market in the National Capital area is quite competitive, the median household income is $65,772 with the unemployment rate as low as 5.1%. This area promises great employment opportunities with it numerous successfully running businesses.

Base Services:

Banking: Fort Belvoir has the Sun Trust Bank on post as its financial institution.

Commissaries: This place has 1 huge commissary on post (703-781-0536)

Exchange System: Fort Belvoir has one mall, 2 shoppettes (703-806-5801) and 1 exchange.

MWR Facilities: Here at Fort Belvoir, VA recreational activities include Arts and crafts, auto hobby, fishing, a visit to recreation center, camping, gym, swimming, outdoor activities, tennis, golf,  bowling and library.

Medical Services: The Dewitt Army Community Hospital can provide its services to 46 bed occupants and 90,000 military beneficiaries residing in Northern Virginia and can be reached at 703-805-0510.


Fort Belvoir proudly shares its history with the founding of Fairfax County, VA. The 8656 acre land along the banks of the Potomac River on which Fort Belvoir is located now, was a generous grant from a 17th century English King. This land owned by the Culpepper family was passed down to Thomas and then to Col, William Fairfax in 1734 through his cousin the sixth Lord Fairfax. This land was handed over to the War department back in 1912, which led to the establishment of Camp Belvoir in 1915 by engineer troops belonging to Washington Barracks. It was then that this place was developed for training and rifle range camp. Later in 1917 to train engineers for World War I, they renamed it to Camp A.A. Humphreys. After a period of 5 years, in 1922,this place came to be known as Fort Humphreys and later to Fort Belvoir in 1935.


Fort Belvoir houses 16 DA agencies, 9 Army Commands, 9 DoD agencies and 8 U.S. Army Reserves along with the elements of Army National Guard.  The Army Materiel Command, the Defense Technical Information Center, headquarters of the Defense Logistics Agency, the Defense Contract Audit Agency, the Defense National Stockpile Center, Defense Fuel Supply Center, Defense Threat Reduction Agency besides a Marine Corp Detachment, a Department of Treasury agency, a U.S. Navy Construction battalion and a U.S. Air Force Unit are located in Fort Belvoir.


The barracks are meant to accommodate single soldiers E-5 and others with lower ranks. The MCREE BARRACKS are he unaccompanied housing facility for personnel at Fort Belvoir with 404 rooms beside the day/laundry room in 6 buildings and is located in the North Post.

For military families up to five bedroom homes are available here. There are eleven villages newly built with traditional housing and are available for accommodations based on pay grades, for instance the HerryFord village is meant for pay grades E1-E5, the Cedar Grove for pay grades 04/05-W4/W5 and so on. 24 hour service for maintenance, landscaping and repairs are available. Contact at 703-454-9700 to reach housing office.

Rooms can be booked by TDY personnel 6 months in advance with length of stay depending on official orders, whereas PCS personnel can book rooms 6 months in advance for up to 30 days. DOD civilians can also stay while traveling on PCS orders while booking is available for only 5 nights at a time with a maximum period of 30 days.

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