Fort A.P. Hill Army Base at 14136 Burke Rd. Bowling Green, VA. 22427 in Caroline County, Virginia is an Army Maneuvering and Training facility, resting inside of more than 76,000 acres of secluded rugged country side. It is a year round active camp and used by the US Navy, US Air Force, US Marine Corps and the US Army. Also Reserve Military and National Guard Units train here as well as, The State Department, US Customs Service, Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies. In recent years an Explosive Ordinance Disposal Training Center and an Asymmetric Warfare Training Center have been put into operation here. Their Mission Statement at Fort A.P. Hill is to provide flexible, relevant training facilities and resources in order to enable Army, Joint and Inter-agency Readiness. The Camp's official Motto: The best training and support-Anywhere!

Cost of Living: In Caroline County the cost of living is no more, or less than, the National Average. The median income for a family in Bowling Green is $49,792

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: (804) 633-8288  DSN prefix 578

Base Population: The total military population at Ft. Hill fluctuates greatly and depends upon what units are in training at any one particular time. It can range from several hundred to several thousand in joint exercises.

City/Area Population: The Town of Bowling Green borders the Forts property to the South and 1,111 live here in this historic and beautiful Community.

Child Development Centers: 

Bowling Green Elementary School is at 17502 Richmond Turnpike Bowling Green, VA. 22427  (804) 596-2391

Caroline Middle School 13325 Devils Three Jump Rd. Milford, VA. 22514 (804) 633-6561

Caroline High School 19115 Rodgers Clark Blvd. Milford, VA. 22514  (804) 633-9886

Youth Programs: As this camp is a short term training assignment for most of the service personnel that come through here, not many military families relocate here therefore, few youth programs are available. The camp does host every Earth Day, a open house guided tour for the School Children of Caroline County. Also, every four years Fort A.P. Hill has set aside land for the Boy Scouts of America to conduct their National Jamboree. It draws 35,000 Boy Scouts and 250,000 visitors from around the world when it is held. Military families that are here take advantage of the Outdoor Recreation Center at 1816 A.P. Hill Dr. (804) 633-8244

Family Readiness Center: Contact, Directorate of Family Morale and Welfare at Bldg. 14135 Montague Rd. (804) 633-8207

Employment: Contact Directorate Human Resources, Bldg. P00112, 18436 4th St. (804) 633-8206 Civilian Personnel at (804) 633-8326

Base Services: Camp Wilcox, part of this facility, houses the Post Exchange and a Shoppette at Bldg. 1664 Wilcox Dr. (804) 633- 4618.

There is a Barber Shop right next door to the PX and no appointment is necessary but you can always call if desired at (804) 633-8820.

Two full service fitness facilities, the Ambrose Fitness Center and, the Wilcox Fitness facility, offer fully equipped gyms, basketball and racquetball courts for service personnel. You can contact them at (804) 633-8219.

The Down Time is a recreation center with pool tables, ping-pong, Foosball, arcade games and much more. They are located at Bldg. 1673 in Wilcox Camp. (804) 633-8246


As with so many of the military installations across the Country Fort A.P. Hill was first constructed with the onset of WW2. The Department of Defense was in need a good central location in the Mid Atlantic States for training new troops and in 1940 the land was purchased for the Army and Fort Hill became operational by June 1941. In 1942, it was the Headquarters and Staging location for General George S. Patton's Task Force A, soon to mount the invasion of French North Africa. Throughout the War it continued to be a training facility for Corp and Divisional size Units. It served in the Korean War as Headquarters to both 7th Corp and the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment. One of the Nation's largest Staging Bases for troop deployment overseas. In the Vietnam War, it housed the Engineers Officer Candidate School and today the Fort remains a vital resource in our in our Nation's Defense.


Many different Units From all branches of the US Military come through Fort A.P. Hill for periods of training, It would be impracticable to try and list them all.

All service personnel assigned here for Training and Maneuvering are billeted on base in barracks or in tents. Contact Housing Division at (804) 633-8445






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