Forward Operating Base (FOB) Delaram Marine Corps Base is a military expeditionary base situated in Delaram District, in southwestern Afghanistan. This facility was constructed and operated by the U.S. Marine Corps and is easily reachable through Highway 1 (A01,) which is known as Ring Road, a two-lane roadway connecting the main cities of Afghanistan across over 1,200 miles. Although, this base is still operational, the Marine Corps transferred it to the Afghan National Army in mid-2014.

FOB Delaram Marine Corps Base was colloquially called "the end of the Earth" due to the long bordering desert that put this facility an entire day's driving distance from the closest city. Certainly, the base is situated in a desolated area where far in the distance a few family farms can be seen along the way. However, this facility has been a strategic place to fight the Taliban, not to mention the relevance of the area, which was originally a Soviet military compound.

FOB Delaram served as a logistics base, storage place, and home to the Marine Corps stationed in Afghanistan. Now, under the Afghan Armed Force, FOB Delaram Marine Corps Base will continue to serve in order to bring back the former peace in this area that the Taliban enemies disturbed.

Cost Of Living: The Consumer Price Index in Afghanistan is 49.81 points, while the local Purchasing Power averages 29.22 points. However comparing the cost of living to the United States, the capital city of Afghanistan (Kabul) is 49% cheaper than the cost of living in Los Angeles, California.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: No Attendant telephone number is available at FOB Delaram Marine Corps Base, but you can contact the Marines Help Desk via email at [email protected]

Base Population: FOB Delaram Marine Corps Base was home to the Third Battalion of the Fourth Marines, which accounted 1,000 Marines at this facility and approximately a total of 5,000 Marines in Southern Afghanistan.

City/Area Population: Delaram District and Delaram City are located in the Province of Nimruz in Southwestern Afghanistan, with a total population as of 2012 in 156,600 people.

Child Development Centers: Command of FOB Delaram Marine Corps Base was transferred to the Afghan Armed forces in April 2014, what changed the operational setting of this facility and services provided. Therefore, there are no Child Development Centers, child-oriented programs, or schools associated to the base.

Youth Programs: As of today, it is unknown the existence of Youth Programs in or nearby FOB Delaram Marine Corps Base.

Family Readiness Centers: In the United States, Mr. Daniel Abate, the Family Readiness Officer of the Marine Corps Central Command, is reachable at (813)827-4344 or cellular (813)317-8657 for enquiries related to FOB Delaram Marine Corps Base FRCs.

Employment: For opportunities on MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) employment and careers nationwide and abroad, visit the Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) Civilian Careers at

Services: There are no more than the indispensable services for the military personnel at FOB Delaram Marine Corps Base.

History: Constructed to facilitate the operations of the U.S. Marine Corps in an area where the life of a soldier is further sacrificed, this remote place in Afghanistan did not have an airfield, or runway to get airplanes with supplies and passengers landing here. However, with the passing of time the runway was constructed and deployment of troops turned more bearable. When the Marine Corps first landed on FOB Delaram Marine Corps Base, the place was formerly named Forward Operating Base (FOB) Kerella, honoring the first Marine deployed here, who died in OEF. However, the base was renamed to FOB Delaram sometime after 2008.

Scarce information on the background story of this base and further activities conducted here, often were questioned in newspapers wanting to know the core importance of this facility of the United States Armed Forces.

Units: Actually FOB Delaram Marine Corps Base headquartered the 4th Brigade, 215th Corps, Afghan National Army, but many other units are stationed here such as the 2nd Battalion 7th Marines; 2nd Battalion, 11th Marines; 2nd Battalion 14th Marines; 3rd Battalion, 4th Marines; 3rd Battalion 8th Marines; 5th Kandak, 2nd Brigade, 215th Corps; Combat Logistics Company 252, and Regimental Combat Team 6.

Housing: After the withdrawal of the U.S Marine Corps in 2014, actual housing facilities and conditions are unknown.






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