The Eielson Air Force Base in North Pole, Alaska is a US Air Force Base that can be found approximately 42 kilometers from the southeast of Fairbanks and Moose Creek in Alaska.  It was first known as the Mile 26 Satellite Field in 1943 and by 2007, has taken off deployment.

This Air Force Base is currently the host the unit which is the 354th Fighter Wing, which was assigned to the Pacific Air Forces as the Eleventh Air Force. Its primary mission is to support the Red Flag – Alaska, where the Pacific Air Forces Commander is directed under a series of field training exercises for US, joint offensive counter-air, close-air support, and interdiction as well as a large force employment training that is simulated in the combat environment.

The Eielson Air Force Base, like any other bases, was named after the great polar pilot Carl Ben Eielson, whose air exploration with fellow air explorer, George Hubert Wilkins on the Antarctic aided in charting several islands in the South Pole which were previously unknown - while the 354th FW is under the current command of Brigadier General Mark D. Kelly.

Cost of Living: 106.7 (more than average, U.S. average is 100)

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: (907) 377-1110

Base Population: 6,900

City/Area Population: 2,214

Child Development Center:

Grow Together Child Development Center

2894 Elvira Suite A & C, North Pole AK 99705

(907) 488-0678

Eielson Child Development Center

2449 French Creek Dr

Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska

+1 907-377-3237

Rainbows End Children's Center

2960 Hurst Road

North Pole, AK 99705


Youth Program:

Eielson Youth Programs

714 Ravens Way

Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska


Airman and Family Readiness Center:

Eielson AFB Airman and Family Readiness Center

2631 Wabash Avenue, Suite 1


Eielson AFB, AK 99702

Phone 907-377-2178


  • Construction and extraction occupations (22%)
  • Installation, maintenance, and repair occupations (14%)
  • Transportation occupations (11%)
  • Sales and related occupations (7%)
  • Office and administrative support occupations (7%)
  • Management occupations (6%)
  • Computer and mathematical occupations (6%)

Base Services:

Eielson Air Force Base Library

2518 Central Ave, Eielson AFB, AK 99702, United States

+1 907-377-3174

Arctic Floral Eielson

3338 Central Ave, Eielson AFB, AK 99702, United States

+1 907-372-2290

Baker Field House

Broadway Ave, Eielson AFB, AK 99702, United States

+1 907-377-1925

Medical services:

354th Medical Group

2630 Central Ave #3349, Eielson AFB, AK 99702, United States

+1 907-377-1847


The Western Defense Command ordered the construction of a new airfield that is near to what is now Fort Wainwright on June 7, 1943.  An Army Airfield was then constructed and was named after Major Arthur K. Ladd. Yet, because of the hazard-free approaches and the flat terrain where the airfield is situated, surveyor suggested from their reports that a site that is a little bit more than twenty-six miles southeast of the Ladd Army Airfield is much better military aviation vicinity. And because the location is proximate to the US Army Signal Corps telegraph station, and to the Richardson Highway milepost marker, the field was then become known as the Mile 26.

The construction for Mile 26 started on August 25, 1943 where the crews have built two parallel runways which measures 165 feet across and 6,625 feet long. The other facilities that were built include the operations building, the housing allocated for the 108 officers and 330 enlisted personnel and a dispensary that consists of ten beds. The construction was then completed in October 17, 1944 where the 14 month project had cost about 8 million dollars. Yet after the World War II, the base was shut down.

It was later reopened in September 1946 at the dawn of the Cold War. It served once again as the satellite air base for the Ladd Field. The first USAAF operational unit that was deployed to Eielson Air Force Base was the 57th Fighter Group, which are highly equipped with P-38 Lightnings, F-80 Shooting Stars, P/F-51 Mustangs and F-94 Starfire aircrafts.  And in April 13, 1953, the 57th Fighter Group was inactivated. Over the course of the Cold War, the expansive reservation of the Eielson Air Force Base has become important in this event as this serves as the maneuver area for the US Army.

Today, the 1st Brigade 25th Infantry Division and the 4th  Brigade 25th Infantry Division are the US troops that can be found still training in this historic US Air Force Base in North Pole, Alaska.


The major unit that is currently under the care of Eielson Air Force Base is the 354th Fighter Wing. It was on August 20, 1993 when it replaced the 343d Wing.  Although there are changes, none of the personnel or equipment was affected.  Prior its shutdown, the 343d Wing was known to be the oldest surviving air combat unit that can be found in Alaska, where lineage can be traced back to Aleutian Campaign. Even thought the 18 FS remain active, the 355 FS was replaced by the 11th TASS. Changes have also occurred in the 3rd Fighter Squadron where it was replaced by the 353rd Fighter Squadron.


The housing options in Eielson AFB come in three choices: the privatized housing, the unaccompanied, and the housing in the local community. The Housing Management Office is the one who arranges the housing for interested people who want to live in the AFB. They provide counseling and guidance before an individual enters a housing agreement. The homes are not yet metered and the rent will include the utility costs up to the full BAH amount.

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