Situated 80 km southwest of Salt Lake City in Tooele County, Utah, Dugway Proving Ground (DPG) endows as the Country’s Chemical and Biological Defense Proving Ground circumscribing an area of 798,214 acres. It is secluded from the ruggedness of city life located in a desert in order to satiate the objectives laid down by the National Environmental Policies. Dugway primarily expends on restoration maneuver. The Proving Ground is seated in an inter-montane area, devoid of vegetation and life.

Cost of Living: Cost of living in Tooele County is about 3% less than national average.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: 435-831-2116

Base Population: DPG is the habitat for 1,500 enrolled and non-military personnel.

City/ Area Population: Tooele County, Utah has a citizenry of 29,460.

Child Development Centers: the Child Development Center (CDC) proffers an hourly care, whole daycare and 2-day and 4-day pre-school programs. These programs are active in September up till May.  The CDC is operational from Monday to Friday. The fees are charged on the basis of total family income. Contact for child care homes approved for families: 435-831-3345.

Youth Programs: The Family Child Care offers care for children of 12 years age for 4 weeks. School Age services (SAS) help to meet the exclusive requirements of children between first through fifth grade. SAS functions on a full time basis during vacations, and before and after school timings otherwise. The Dugway Youth Centre provides various activities, games and programs for the juveniles (11 to 15 years). To Contact: DSN 312-789-2139.

Airman and Family Readiness Centre: 435-831-2260

Employment: The Dugway Proving Ground caters to a broad compass of job categories, ranging from ordinary laborers to professionals. The unemployment rate has a low percentage of 6.3%. The intermediary household income is $49,738.

Base Services:

Financial Institutions: Dugway Financial Credit Union on Post.

MWR Facilities: Dugway Trail and ultra Run, Geode Trip, trap shooting and other outdoor activities.

Outlet malls and diners are present in the peripheral area.

Exchange system: 1 mini mall (435-831-4773) and 1 exchange are located here.

Medical Services: Medical help at the generic level is not offered by Dugway Clinic. In order to seek medicinal advantages reach the Hill AFB Hospital (1-800-453-2388).


After the ambush on Pearl Harbour in 1941, a requisite for a more distant testing facility was realized by the US army chemical warfare service (CWS). The Dugway Proving Ground was initiated in March 1942. The operations anticipated in the summer of this very year. The major purpose of DPG was to testify chemical sprayers, fire bombarding efficiencies, biological warfare weapons, and antivenin for chemical agents and armored wear during World War II.

Biological warfare executions were structured at the base in the year 1943. The base slowly began to stop and finally collapsed in August 1946. This was resurrected in 1950 and gathered permanent army installation stature in 1954. The base was concluded as a part of the Major Range and Test Facility Base (MRTFB) in 1971. This was utilized for short duration training programs from 1985 to 1991.

The high resolution fly’s eye ultra-high-energy cosmic ray laboratory was set up at the base from 1997 to 2006. The US army chemical, radiological and biological weapons school, Maryland, was transposed to DPG.

The DPG terminated on 26th January, 2011 due to the temporary loss of a vial which included a VX nerve agent and after recovery, emerged once again on 27th January.


The workforce is constructed by the families, civilians, erectors, DOD personnel and the community populace. Dugway Proving Ground homes for about 1300 residents. Among the inhabitants’ organization at Dugway is the 388th RANGE SQ HAFB.


All superior defense personnel are required to stay at Dugway and are on an average posted on the Mountain View Units. Therefore BAH is forfeited except in the case of geographical bachelors and the grant is permitted by the DPG Commander. Tooele is the closest town to DPG. More housing options can be availed in the Salt Lake City which is commutable within 1 and 1/2 hour.

DPG is embellished with 490 available housing units availing from 2 to 6 bedroom homes.  Both furnished and non-decorated housings can be arranged for the DPG employees. Housing units with mediocre facilities are available for accompanied employees.  The housing units are well equipped with air conditioners, heaters as well as generators.

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