Dover Delaware is located at the center of the Delmarva Peninsula that consists of Virginia, Delaware and Maryland. The Dover Air Force Base is situated about a couple of miles from the capital of the state and is home to the 436th Airlift Wing. It is also called the “Eagle Wing”. The base is also home to the 512th Airlift Wing which is also called the “Liberty Wing”.

Cost of Living: The cost of living here is almost same as average for major US cities, with a negligible difference of less than 1% on the higher side.  

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: Each installation comes with a unique DSN Number. You can contact the operator through the commercial number, (302) 677 3000.

Base Population: The base is home to as many as 3,153 military personnel. There also 1,099 civilians living in the area with 1,761 reservists as well as 3,172 dependents.

City/Area Population: The population in Delaware is 935,614 while in Dover it is 37,366.

Child Development Centers: The Dover Air Force base has the FCC or the Family Child Care that offers options of child care to parents in a homely setting. The care providers are all qualified and are also licensed. They offer child care during duty hours, weekends and evenings. You can get the entire list of licensed care givers from the office of the FCC, Youth Center or the Child Development Center.

Youth Program: The Youth Center of the base is equipped with quite a big building. It separates the Memberships/Teen Programs from the School Age. It offers gym, teen room and a range of recreational programs. It also has a computer room, seven classrooms, art room, and music room along with a snack bar. The Sports Program of the center includes activities such as cheerleading, soccer and basketball.

Airman and Family Readiness Center: (302) 677-6930

Employment: The base ranks third among the largest employment generators in Delaware. The economic impact approximates to about $590 million a year. However, the rate of employment is still about 5.1%. The median income of the average household in the base is about $62,000.

Base Services: The force support squadron of the base provides a number of outdoor as well indoor clubs along with other recreational activities. There is one commissary at the base as well as an exchange system and as many as eight specialty services.

Medical Services: The services of medical care can be offered on the basis of priority. The first priority is given to the active duty military. The second priority is given to the members of the TRICARE Prime who are enrolled with the 436th Medical Group. The beneficiaries of the TRICARE Prime are seen on a basis of space availability. You can visit the TRICARE Service Center for information regarding Benefits and Enrollments. The contact number is 302 677 4858 and the DSN is 312 445 4858.


It was in March 1941 that the construction of the Dover Airdrome of the Municipal Airport began. The facility was opened in the same year on December 17. After the attacks on the Pearl Harbor, it was converted to an airfield of Army Air Corps. In 1943, April 8th, the base was rechristened to Dover Army Airbase. It was renamed again on June 6th of the same year as the Dover Subbase and Dover Army Airfield on February 2, 1944. It was finally named as the Dover Air Force Base on January 13, 1948.


The units in the base include the 436th Airlift Wing, the Air Mobility Command, the AMC gained 512th Airlift Wing of Air Force Reserve Command which is also known as the “Liberty Wing”.


Every newcomer who has been assigned to the Dover Air force base has to stop at the Housing Management Office which is located at the 1069, High Street, and Building 1069 before they can enter into any lease or buy agreement for a house at the base. You will be assisted by the Housing Management office for all kinds of needs regarding housing referrals.

Chapel 1

 Field Grade 3 Bedroom - Dover AFB

 Photo of SNCO & Company Grade Housing - Dover AFB

 Mediation Pavilion

Base Vet Clinic

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