The Creech Air Force Base is located near the Indian Springs in the Clark County area of Nevada. It is about thirty five miles Northwest of Las Vegas and about forty five miles Northwest of Nellis AFB. It is also known as the “Home of the Hunters” and is a home to the 432nd Wing along with the MQ – 9 Reaper and the MQ 1 Predator.

Cost of Living: The cost of living in this part of the country is about 3.82% higher than the rest. The median income of the houses is about $160,200.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: 702-652-1110 or DSN 312-682-1110

Base Population: There are about 3000 military personnel working at the Creech. The area is supported by the Nellis Air Force Base which has its location about fifty minutes from the north eastern corner of the valley of Las Vegas.

City/Area Population: For Las Vegas the population is 603,488. For Clark County it is 2,062,254.

Child Development Centres: Any personnel of Creech is eligible for the subsidy of childcare and it is available through the Child Care Aware. More information can be provided by the Nellis AFB Child Care Program. The contact number is 702 652 4400.

There are a couple of centres of Nellis AFB that provide care to children between the age group of six weeks to five years. The programs have hourly as well as full day care for children in the two departments of the Child Development Centres. The facilities also offer after and before School Kindergarten Care as well as Part Day Preschool Enrichment Programs. The contact number for the Child Development Centre I is 702 652 4241 and the contact number to Child Development Centre II is 702 652 5885.

The Youth Programs at the AFB come with After and Before school care for all children between the age group of six to thirteen years. The contact number to the Family Child Care is 702 652 9307. There is also the Clark County School District that offers magnet programs which are geared to the students who have unique abilities, interest and skills. You can contact the School Liaison Officer at 702 652 9307.

Youth Programs: The Netlis AFB has a youth Program that has won awards for its services. It has a wide spectrum of activities and services for children and youth between the age group of six to eighteen years.

Airman and Family Readiness Centre: The contact number is 702 404 0864.

Employment: The opportunities of employment in this area are better than most other parts of the country. Most of the employees can be found in the gaming industries as well as retail sales.

Base Services

There are two fitness or recreation centres in Creech AFB that has a basketball court, a running track as well as a soccer field. There is also an Exchange system in the area that comes with a gas station, a shoppette, a barbershop, an Odoba Mexican Grill as well as a Subway. The Financial Institutions on the base include the Nevada Credit Union that provides ATM services all over the Creech AFB.

Medical Services: The base is aided by a medical station, a pharmacy and a dental clinic for all personnel on duty. Acute needs along with family care can be addressed to at the Mike O'Callaghan Federal Medical Centre. The contact number is 702 404 1142.


It was after the First World War that Captain Lowell H. Smith surveyed the states of the western inland along with Sgt. William B. Whitefield. In 1929, the Army Air Corps used the civilian airfield in Las Vegas for training flights. That was the inception of the army base and by 1943, it was a divert field for air to air gunnery training.


The base has the 432nd Wing along with six other different groups. It also has the eleventh reconnaissance group, the fifteenth reconnaissance squadron and the ninety-ninth combat training squadron.


Several personnel who are assigned to the Creech live in the Centennial area of the North-western part of the Las Vegas. They take advantage of the programs of park and ride transportation. You can contact the housing organization at 702 404 1868/0895.


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