Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base (CMAFS) is closer to both U.S. Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) and the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) headquarters and is home to the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, a nuclear bunker and military installation.

Situated in Fort Peterson Air Force Base, Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base is located at 7,000 feet above sea level, in the Colorado Springs area. This facility is adjacent to Cheyenne Mountain State Park on the Rocky Mountains' Front Range and was the first military installation of its type. Originally used to monitoring Canada and America's air space, the base was turned into an air force station in 2008 when the commands were moved to the nearby Fort Peterson Air Force Base.

Nowadays, Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base is a training center for flight crews, with extended service to be used as backup command when necessary. Due to the nature of its construction to resist a nuclear blast, access is not only guarded, but also over 1.5 miles away from the famous 23-ton blast doors in between the base and the entrance tunnel.

Cost of Living: The closest area to Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base is Colorado Springs, which scores 78 points out of 100 for livability, ranking number 40 in the state of Colorado, number 3,932 in the USA. The cost of living in Colorado Springs is 6.6% less than the Colorado average and 1.4% less than the average national cost of living.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station operator is reachable at (719) 474-1110 or DSN 268-1110.

Base Population: Population inside Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base consists of 350 employees working inside the base from Monday through Friday, but this number may drop to 120-130 people by night and throughout weekends. Nonetheless, this facility may host a very large population in wartime.

City/Area Population: Colorado Springs is the most populous Home Rule Municipality, county seat of El Paso County, Colorado, incorporated in 1886, and is the second most populous area of this state with an estimated population of 445,830 people in the Home Rule area and 686,908 people including the metro area of Denver.

Child Development Centers: There are two Child Development Centers for Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base available at the nearby Fort Peterson AFB: Peterson's Main Child Development Center, phone (719) 554-9573; and The Pete East Child Development Center, phone (719) 556-7460. For further information contact the coordinator at the FCC office at (719) 556-4322, or the main office at (719) 554-9572, DSN: (312) 692-9572.

Youth Programs: Information on Youth Services and the Youth Sponsorship Program is available at R.P. Lee Youth Center located at 125 East Stewart Avenue, Building 1555, Colorado Springs, CO 80914; phone (719) 556-7220, DSN: (312) 834-7220. There also youth religious programs provided by PAFB Chapel, for further information call (719) 556-4442.

Family Readiness Center: There are no programs, services, and Family Readiness Centers inside Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base, but can be accessed through the Airman and Family Readiness Center, 135 Dover Street, Building 350, Suite 1203, 21 FSS/FSFR, Colorado Springs, CO 80914-1160. Phone (719) 556-6141, DSN: (312) 834-6141.

Employment: Employment Opportunities for young people are available through the Y.E.S. (Youth Employment Skills) Program. For more information call (719) 556-7220. For job opportunities inside Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base, browse the federal jobs site.

Base Services: There is no known inside Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base, but at the Fort Peterson Air Force Base, including a shoppete, recreation center, gym, lodging, etc., besides the outdoor picnic areas and sports facilities of the state park.


Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base is an Air Force Station built in 1961 by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and is mainly controlled by the Air Force Space Command. Due to the nature of its structure, the construction was not finished until 1965 and has been active since. In war time, Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base served during the Cold War


There are no stationed units or troops at Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base.


The dream of people engaged in preparedness education is to live inside Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base. Even though, there is no evidence of opportunities to live inside this facility. About one mile after the blast doors, there is a complex of 15 buildings located 2,000 feet downward and personnel are required to take a bus to reach their offices. Thirteen out of the 15 buildings are three-story constructions and two of them are two-story buildings.






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