Texas is one of the biggest States in the Uncle Sam country and as for its hot weather and sere circumstances some military bases of United State infantry are built there with various focus and utilities. Apart from the Stanley base that works as the infantry’s storage post and the Bullis army base that works for active duty army to service the country, there is this other military outpost namely Camp Swift army base in Bastrop country.

This base is one of the most active and intense committed military base that works as the training base for military situated in land with total of 13 square mi just thirty six miles away from Austin city. This post has already there witnessing the World War 2 and used in various mission and several purpose during some wars operated by US military for operational and shelters.

Cost of Living: The living cost in this Bastrop city is quite high since it reaches only four point three percent less compared to the national averages. The statistic of the Texas bureau is measuring the indexes on some aspects from goods and service, health care to the transportations and utilities and concludes the number of percentage in six point eight compared to the Texas State average cost of living

Automated Telephone Attendant number: (480) 443 5645

Base Population: The recent population report according to CDP or Census designated place statistic, this base population is recently reaching about 6,833 where almost 1,139 families reside in this base. The colonies are included the census report for 74 % white, 7 % Afro-American, 1 % native American, 0.46 % Asian and the rest for other races.

City/Area Population: The city population at its overall rate based on the State and country rate census are stating that this city population is reaching approximately 77, 825 now.

Youth Programs: there are some educational facilities that you can find in this base for youth development. Some advanced classroom and courses are available there but the famous one is Austin YMCA in Bastrop which is located on 1112 Bastrop Main street.

Phone: (512) 321 9622

Child Development Center: One of the best child development center is this one called wiggles and giggles which run for some programs for children establishment in Emile Elementary and Cedar program. This place is licensed by local government. This CDC is located on the 374th FM Bastrop. Phone: (512) 581 9211

Airman & Family Readiness: DYESS A&FRC facility which provide personnel service and family service from consultation and assistance program.

Phone: (325) 514 8717

Employment: various great opportunities is provided here start from full to part time job reaching three thousand available jobs. Camp Swift itself has its vacancies on the help of serving the Independent school district in this city.

Base Service:

- DoDAAC service that works as defense unit for national issue designated for special agencies

- Modular Barracks that provides military training and provision as well as place to reside

Medical Services: there are some medical services facilities in the camp


The history of this Camp swift is begin back in 1942 when the army agreed to sign the twenty five million contract to establish the military training camp as the preparation of the 2nd World War. The history continues to the 1942s where the German war was exploding making this camp become the control base of US military as well as the place to train and prepare forces from 1943 to 1946.

This Camp swift also was turn into the medical center during some battles and as the training camp and troops facilities until the end of the war. In the present day, this base is used by TX National guard as training base and enforcement as well as the ROTC school and patrol Civil Air.


Since 2007, this base become a shelter place for 137th arms combat regiments and several TX National guardians as well as Bastrop forces. In WW2 abundant battalion were here from the 94th to 103rd division of infantries 11th to 12th mountain force troops, and some tank destroyers battalions as well as used as prison for war hostages at that time.


Right from 2007, some development of additional barracks are built in this military base within more than four thousand sq. feet to facilitate the camp with the housing that serve some soldiers and family to take shelter under the roof. If you want to register one, simply dial this 512 321 2497 and fill out some forms. There are also some places off-base that is quite close with this camp swift that provides some lodging that offer daily or monthly inn.

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