If you look for the oldest Military base one in the United State, then you should go to Texas. Just like every veterans said. There is this one camp that has already operated and witness several events of wars from 1859 to the present time as one important base that is always there to give provisions for the United State troops. You should not confused by the same military base established in South Korea, exactly in Uijeongbu that operate as one base to keep the peace in Korean Peninsula and situated in DMZ area. This one Stanley base in San Antonio is a lot different in function and operation.

This military base is known by its various name by the ages with Funstone camp, Leon Spring refugee, CSSA operation base and many else due to its various functions and mission of the base which is kaleidoscopic for several years. However, the main proper works that is still there until now is the function of military supply storage.

Cost of Living: According to the cost of living index made by government statistical management stated that the percentage of living cost in San Antonio is reaching 3.9 percent lesser compared with average Texas living cost. And if it is compared to the US average cost of living in national range, then it is less on 14.3 % in accumulation. So, the cost of living in San Antonio is quite sensible.

Automated Telephone Attendant number: (210) 295 7416

Base Population: Since this Stanley military base is used as the storage of military supplies then the overall population recently reported in this military base is reaching 512 people who work on the military provision.

City/Area Population: The San Antonio city area population based on Quick facts statistic from the United State census organization is said to reach almost 1,500 million in this year which is growing faster in these couple of years.

Child Development Center: USAA Child Development Center. Phone: +1 210 694 4121

Youth Programs: YMCA Youth Programs with carious youth services. +1 210 433 6391

Airman and Family Readiness Center: Lackland AFB Military and Family Readiness. Phone +1 210 671 3722

Employment: This military base has the employments going around in some aspects: the vacancies in the work of infantry’s storages and medication supply management, as well as for the security system that needs some experts to operate it.

Base Service:

- Arsenal Service is available here with the service of providing the military ammunitions and arms as well as maintains and repair the infantry’s armory. This base has its service to store and issue both combined and owned arsenal as provision and supply

- FSB service that is always ready to stock up the artillery support and weaponry that infantry needs in war as well as giving the access to take them. Some special stuff like the spy agencies tools around explosives and chemical weapons are there as well.

- Medics station services, purvey various tools and medications that is really necessary to be used at any time for troops recovery activities

Medical Services: Medical service in this Stanley Texas military base is not formed as clinic or medical care central, but formed as the Medic station service as the providers of the medical needs as the medical stock storages.


When we talk about the historical matter about this Stanley military base, then we should flash back into the 1859 when this place is holding the arsenal storage for San Antonio and work as military operandi center in 1919. The story of this military base is continued to the year 1937 which is known for its usage for some military test and storage of the military needs for war for the nearby camp which is also located in Texas called Bullis camp.

This military camp is renamed back then with the name Funstone camp in 1917 with its function changed into infantry cantonment as well as the place of refugee of the evacuee from Mexico. In 1933, this base is one of the important base for WW 2 operation as the supplier and providers of the ammunition for US army that gives vehicles and weaponry. Not to mention this base function as the arsenal stationary service for various American war with Vietnam, Korea, and many else throughout 1980s.


This base is working as the fire support and arsenal provision that stores the military depots sub post. The unit hosted this military base are only the staff on duty of ordnance material and assurance team of the military weapons and ammunitions. Some source also reported that CIA arm and cache operators might be there for national issue and used as the Cuban exiles training camp.


The Stanley military base in Texas is not an infantry base that is used as immediate spot for troops to stay. It is a base that operates the storage activities and has the responsibility to supply the army at any cost. Some temporary soldiers might stay for help organizing the storages of arsenal and armory or take the medical supplies.

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