Camp SD Butler is located in the island of Okinawa, about 200 miles due south of mainland Japan. The interesting point worth noting is that the Camp SD Butler is split into many small camps which are spread throughout the island. Some of the camps are Camp Kinser, Camp Foster, Camp Courtney, and Camp Hansen.

Cost Of Living: Compared to the US capital Washington DC, the average cost of living in Okinawa, Japan is about 16% less.

Automated Telephone Attendant Numbers: 81-98-911-5111

Base Population: The base accommodates navy/marine corps, military, civilians and families of the defense staffs. There are about 17,117 active defense staffs with 9,741 family members, about 4.415 civilian employees and about 1,000 retired defense personnel.

City/Area Population: With a population of over 1,389,400. Okinawa is the largest in the Ryukyu Island located in the south of Japan. The capital of Okinawa, Naha has a population of over 318,000.

Child Development Centers: The Okinawa base has four Child Development Centers and three School Age Programs. The programs are certified by the DoD. Apart from this, there is also a preschool and a Family Child Care Center located in the housing complex of the Okinawa Base. The base also has eight elementary schools in its premises.

Youth Programs: Good care is taken to nurture the youths. The SD Butler Base has two Junior High/Middle Schools and two High Schools in its campus. Marine Corps Community Services takes special care of organizing leisure and fun activities for the youths.

Airman and Family Readiness Center: 81-98-970-2104, 81-98-970-2106, 81-98-970-8395

Employment: The employment opportunities for spouses of the navy/marine personnel are fairly good on the base. Limited opportunities are seen off the base. Most of the vacancies off the base require proficiency in English. The most common position available for job off base is that of a English language Instructor.

Base Services:

For all banking and finance related issues, the SD Butler base has Navy Federal Credit Union having branches spread all over the base. Also, under Okinawa Consolidated Exchange, the base has stores in Camp Courtney, Camp Foster, Camp Kinser and camp Schwab. There are three commissionaires present on the base.

Medical Services: Camp SD Butler has two medical centers in its campus. The Naval Hospital with its main unit in Camp Foster provides excellent family care. It is to be ensured that the family members of the staffs are medically cleared before coming to SD Butler Base in Okinawa. There is also a dental care center by name 3d Dental Battalion/ US Naval Dental Center that provides effective dental care to the personnel and their family members.


The history of the SD Butler Marine Corps Base in Okinawa goes back to the year 1955 when it was situated near Camp Courtney at Camp Tengen. The history of most of the marine stations in this base has its roots in III Marine Expeditionary Forces headquartered at Camp Courtney. The III Marine Expeditionary Forces were formed during the World War II where it fought Marine Amphibious Forces. Later on, it settled in Okinawa in 1971. Today, the headquarters of the SD Butler Base are located in Building 1 of Camp Butler.


Some of the major units of the SD Camp Butler are 12th Marines Unit, 3rd MLG, 4th Marines, H&HS Futenma, HQ BN in Camp Fuji, HQ of 1st MAW, III Marine Expeditionary Forces, MACG – 18, MAG – 36, Marine Corps Base, Mobile Construction Battalion, MWHS – 1, MWSG – 17, Naval Investigative Service, US Naval Dental Center, US Naval Hospital and White Beach.


For all government employees, housing in Okinawa is take care by the Housing office on Kadena AB. The office has its office in Camp Courtney band in Camp Kinser. All the Marine/Naval personnel who are assigned Camp Hansen, Camp Schwab, Camp Courtney and Camp McTureous are required to inform the Housing Office in located in Camp Courtney in advance. Those who are assigned Camp Kinser, Camp Futenma and Naha Port should inform the Housing Office in Camp Kinser. In command sponsored tours, basic set of furniture is provided to all the members on the tour.

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