The Schwab Marine Camp S.D. Butler is stationed in the Okinawa Island; which is 300 miles south of the mainland china. This installation is separated into distinct camps physically within the arena of the Island. This attribute of the camp makes it unique in its own way. The camp is engaged in assisting the militants of the III MEF for defense, both present and future. Also, it supports training, accumulation and deployment assistance as a squadron.

Cost of Living:  The cost of living index in Okinawa, Japan is 76.02 when compared to the U.S. average of 100. As the Cost of living is high off-post, the military personnel are aided with a subsidence (COLA).

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: 011-81-98-911-5111; 011-81-98-911-5112; DSN 315-911-5111; DSN 315-911-5112.

Base Population: The population of the Camp Schwab Marine Corps includes 17,117 on-duty soldiers, 9,741 dependent members, 1,000 retired personnel, and 4,415 non-combatants. In totality, this aggregates to 32,281.

City/Area Population: Okinawa: 1,389,400; Capital city Naha: 318,000.

Child Development Centers: The Camp Schwab Marine Corps is blessed with 4 child Development centers. The Children Youth and Teen Program is DoD affiliated. The centers offer pre-school and three different school-age facilities. The Family Child Care is present within the housing area of the installation in Okinawa.

Youth Programs: There are numerous programs and respite activities available to the youth by the Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS). In order to know more please call on: 011-81-98-970-2110.

Airman and Family Readiness Center: 011-81-98-970-2104; 011-81-98-970-2106; 011-81-98-970-8395.

Employment: The job availability is meager for the dependent members of the militants. This is mostly due to the employer’s demand for people who can speak two languages. Most opportunities to get employment are offered from the sectors requiring English speaking trainers. The applicants must be wise enough to keep their avenues open and renewed. In the base the job opportunities are quite in number for the family members of the combatants.

Base Services:

Financial Facilities: The MCB Camp Butler served by the Navy Federal Credit Union throughout.

MCCS Facilities: The entertaining recreational are both indoor and outdoor sports like golf, basketball etc.

There are 3 commissaries available: MCB Courtney; MCB Camp Foster; MCB Camp Kinser. Okinawa Consolidated Exchange helps in providing the Exchange facilities which has its stores located at Camp Foster, Courtney, Kinser, Schwab and MCAS Futenma.

Medical Services: The primary treatment facilities are served by the Naval Hospital, Okinawa with its prime facility located at Camp Foster. There are several branches scattered within the Camp S.D. Butler. After arrival in the Base, one needs to re-enlist the names of the family members in TRICARE Pacific.

Dental treatments are attributed by the 3rd Dental Battalion/ U.S Naval Dental Center, Okinawa. It is available for all: military personnel and their dependent members and any other eligible patients.


The area where the Camp Schwab resides at present, previously served as the base for the Japanese Forces during the World War II. The base was successful in producing effective launches over America. As the American captured Okinawa, the many facilities are available were ceased or reformed. Till 1959, the future of this base remained hazy. After that it was raised as a permanent base. The base is under the alliance program between America and Japan. According to the treaty signed in 1952, the U.S.A force is to defeat Japan if they attack. Hence irrespective of the present political scenario, the militants are to stay for defending.


The major units which the Camp Schwab Marine Corps Base, Okinawa is composed of are 12th Marines, 3rd MLG, 4th Marines, ComFleet Activities, H&HS Futenma, HO BN, Camp Fuji, Hq, 1st MAW, III MEF, MACG-18, MAG-36, Marine Corps Base, Mobile Construction Battalion, MWHS-1, MWSG-17, Naval Investigative Service, US Naval Dental Center, US Naval Hospital, and White Beach.


The Housing Office, Kadena AB operates the Government housing units. The ancillary offices have stations in Camp Kinser and Camp Courtney. There are specific employees to make appointments at Camp Courtney (Camp: Schwab, Hansen, Courtney, White Beach) and Camp Kinser (Camp: Kinser, MCAS Futenma, and Naha Port). For more information contact: 011-81-98-970-0114; DSN 315-634-0114.

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    Need help
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    If my record still stands, any chance you can help??
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    Cpl. McGarry. 2141
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