Established as Camp Nacimiento, this enriched with history camp was renamed in honor to the World War 1 Medal of Honor recipient Harold W. Roberts. The selflessness of the Corporal is what makes him worthy of the medal and be named after him is an honor that Camp Roberts is carrying until now.

Formerly owned by the Native American Indians, the ground where Camp Roberts located is on the either side of the Salinas River in California. The camp may be located in one of the most beautiful drives you can have, but it does not stop the camp to perform exemplary in the midst of war. Its rich history shows the great contribution of Camp Roberts to ensure the win of the Country.

Cost of Living: 50% above average (U.S. average is 100)

Automated Telephone Attendant number: (805) 238-9312

Base Population: 4,500

City/Area Population: 29, 294

Child Development Centers: 2

                    Child Development Center

Address: Monterey Road, Bldg. # 7693, Ord Military Community

Telephone number: 831-583-1050

                    Family Child Care

Address: Stillwell Community Canter, Ord Military Community, Bldg. # 4260

Telephone number: 831-242-5820

Youth Programs: 2

                    Skies Unlimited

Address: Porter Youth Center, Bldg. # 4283

Telephone number: 831-242-4207

                    Youth Sports

Address: Stillwell Community Center, Bldg. # 4260

Telephone number: 832-242-7809

Airman and Family Readiness Program: 1

                    Travis AFB Airman and Family Readiness Program

Address: 351 Travis Avenue, Bldg. 660 Travis AFB, California 94535

Telephone number: 707-424-2486

Employment: 80%

Base Services: 2

                    Robert Presley Detention Center

Address: 4000 Orange St, Riverside, California 92501

Telephone number: 951-955-440

                    Adelanto Detention Center

Address: 9438 Commerce Way, Adelanto, California 92301

Telephone number: 760-530-9300

Medical Services: 2

                    MTFs Presidio of Monterey Army Health Clinic

Address: 473 Cabrillo Street, Bldg. # 422

Telephone number: 831-242-5741

                    Troop Dental Clinic

Address: Corporal Evans Road, Bldg. # 423

Telephone number: 831-242-5613


In 1902, the Congress began its search for locations that is great for military post establishments. By that time, Nacimiento Ranch was discovered. With its great potential for an excellent spot for military training and range facilities, the Army decided to purchase the remaining leased parcels after the second reassessment.

The construction was supervised by Lieutenant-Colonel Oliver Martson. He handles the plans, office and blueprints for the facilities that will be built in the Camp. Upon completion, the Camp was designated as the training facility for the new soldiers. As the World War II is showing signs of coming, many new soldiers were being prepared in Camp Roberts.

Camp Roberts was opened in 1941 and is quickly known as the World’s largest training facility during that era. Thousands of soldiers were trained in this large training facility that has the length of fourteen football fields. Great amount of land that is acquired just for the sole purpose training new soldiers.

The main garrison of camp Roberts was built to be able to house 23,000 troops and officers, although, another garrison was built to be able to accommodate another 6,000 troops, during 1941, the total amount of troops and officer that was sent by the government simply cannot be accommodated by the garrisons in 1945 which makes many men sleep in tents during their training in the Camp.

Aside from the training centers that was built at Camp Roberts, a 750 beds hospital was also designed and built and as the war ends, soldiers that were in the Camp was released to come back to their family. As soldiers in the Camp returned to their home, Camp Roberts became deserted and inactive. Only small maintenance crew becomes the Camp’s permanent resident as it is in the “caretaker” status.

Camp Roberts may have been the favorite site by the Army’s Combat Development Experimental command as the area to test their weapons and the Navy as they use the place to teach their gunners for live-fire ranges. Up until April 1970, Camp Roberts was closed by the Army. California National Guard took control of the Camp a year after it was closed and established Reserved Component Training Center. Camp Roberts becomes an active Military Installation from then.


The California National Guard Unit uses Camp Roberts as the venue for their annual training of enlisted officers. British Army is also a part of the training program that is also being accommodated by Camp Roberts. Camp Roberts is one of the Army bases that is still an active Military Installation.


The old garrisons are being provided for the housing of all the troops that is stationed and will be stationed in the Camp. The Camp is also undergoing major renovations to improve and modernize the World War II-era barracks that will be enjoyed by the officers and soldiers that are stationed on the Camp.

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