Located in Dublin, in the state of California, the Park Reserve Forces Training Area (PRFTA) mainly serves as a training and deployment base for the reserve personnel of the U.S army. It is the second largest installation under the Fort Hunter Liggett operation control. Though primarily a semi-active base, the installation has the capacity to serve more than 250 units and 20,000 armed personnel. The base is the home to the 91st Reserve division and serves as the Combat Support Training Center for Army reserve and National Guard personnel. The base has both on-post and off-post housing facilities and has all the essential amenities for the utilization of military personnel and their families.

Cost of Living: The cost of living of Dublin is 67.1% higher than the national average.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: 925-875-4600

Base Population: The PRFTA served more than 20,000 National Guard Soldiers, Army Reserve personnel and other units of the reserve components. The number of soldiers goes up as new units arrive at the base for training.

City/Area Population: The suburban city of Dublin is home has a population of 52,105 as per the 2013 census.

Child Development Centers: The PRFTA has a combined center for development of children, teens and youth and serves as a single point contact for all development activities. The center can be contacted at 925-875-4388.

Youth Programs: Regular events are conducted to the Child and Youth Services (CYS) center (925-875-4388) for the development and recreation of youth at the base. The information and registration for the events can be done at the Central registration building.

Airman and Family Readiness Center: 925-875-4678

Employment: As of April 2015, unemployment rate in Dublin was pegged at 2.5%.

Base Services:

  • Commissary/Shoppette 925-829-7780
  • MWR facilities: Arts and crafts, Gym, outdoor activities, and theater (925-875-4387)
  • Household good transportation services, both inbound and outbound (510-437-3652)

Medical Services: The base has a fully staffed Troop Medical Clinic that provides medical care to military personnel of the base (831-386-2516). The clinic receives its staff during the annual training period.  


Established during the Second World War the camp began its operations from January 19th 1943. Historically remembered as the home for Navy Seabees, the camp once housed hundreds of officers and 20,000 enlisted personnel during the war period. The camp was christedned after the Rear Admiral Charles. W. Parks of the United States Navy. Combined with the Shoemaker camp to the east and the U. S Naval Shoemaker hospital, the camps were collectively called the ‘Fleet city’.

Post the Second World War the establishments were closed down and leased out to the county of Alameda. And the base remained unutilized till 1951 when it was reestablished by the Air Force as a basic training center during the Korean War. Later in 1959, the base again came under the control of the United States Army, and was finally designated to be a mobility and training center for the reserve personnel. The base has remained as a training center and a garrison for various reserve units in an event of natural disaster or war.

The installation has played an active role in training units for various wars including the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the more recent military activities in the Middle East. The camp also served as a high security jail when it was leased to the County of Alameda.


Currently 10 units are assigned to the base which include the 94th Division (Training and support), the 104th Division (IT) or the Seabees, the 368th Military Intelligence Battalion, Company B, 1st Battalion, 184th Infantry Regiment (Air Assault) and the Western Information Operations Center (WIOC). The units are general engage in low profile operations and are kept in stand-by.


The semi-active status of the installation allows only a limited amount of family housing facilities to operate inside it. Currently only 114 housing installations are available within the camp and are occupied based on priority. But through the Residential Communities Initiatives (RCI) PRFTA is soon to receive another 45 new installations and upgradation to the existing structures as well. The camp offers off-site accommodation to new recruits and visiting units for training in rentals, hotels and other housing establishments outside the base.

Photos of the base

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