Camp Mackall is an active army base used as a training facility in both Richmond and northern Scotland County in North Carolina. It is closely located to Fort Bragg. Troops that wish to become members of the US Army Special Forces are sent to Camp Mackall for SERE training which is survival, evasion, resistance, and escape. Other training available at the base include Special Forces Qualification and Special Forces Assessment courses.

Cost Of Living: The base does not offer any living arrangements for members of the armed forces or for families. However, there are privatized housing available in ten different neighborhoods that are provided via Fort Bragg by contacting Corvias Military Living at 1-866-253-1217. the cost of living in the area is 32.5% greater than the national average in the US.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: (910) 396-7700

Base Population: The base does not actually offer any housing on base as residents are given the opportunity to live in private neighborhoods through a program via Fort Bragg. Due to this fact and that it is a training facility, the number of armed force members varies quite often.

City/Area Population: There are many different towns and areas surrounding the base so it is difficult to obtain an accurate account, but a good estimate is around 13,124 in 2010.

Child Development Centers: The closest child development centers close to the base include the First Health Child Development Center at 100 Remor Dr in Pinehurst. To contact you will need to visit their website at

The other option is the Shining Stars Child Development Center located at 7613 NC HWY 211 West End, NC. Their telephone number is (910) 215-8148.
Youth Programs: Even though Camp Mackall Army Base does not have youth programs, their close affiliation with Fort Bragg provides a large variety of programs. Here you will find summer camps, family child care, school age services, middle & teen, parent and outreach services and youth sports. For more information on any of these programs please visit their website at
You can also call the Army Community Service at 396-8686/9693.
Family Readiness Center: Once again, the Family Readiness Services are located at Fort Bragg. The location is Bldg. 236 Interceptor St. Pope AAF, NC. The hours are Monday thru Friday from 8am until 5pm. The telephone number is (910) 432-3742.
Employment: Employment opportunities are not readily available at Camp Mackall Army Base. Most individuals seeking employment are sent to Fort Bragg.
Base Services: Training is the main goal at Camp Mackall Army Base; however there are other facilities at the base including 62,000 acres, five movie theaters, 1200 bed hospital, airfield, three 5,000 foot runways, and six beer gardens.

The camp was built in February 1943 originally known as Camp Hoffman. In later years the name was changed to honor Private John Thomas Mackall that served in Company E, 2nd Battalion in the 509th parachute infantry Regiment that was part of the Allied invasion of North Africa in the attack known as Operation Torch.

The history of Camp Mackall is intertwined with Fort Bragg as they have very close ties. By 1940, Fort Bragg had grown to have a population of 5,400 soldiers. But as WWII began to threaten US soil, a new station known as a reception station was created which would hold 67,000 in just one year alone. By the time that WWII was in full force, the compound which was being called Fort Bragg-Camp Mackall compound were home to five WWII airborne divisions which were the 82nd, 13th, 101st, 11th, and the 17th.

Units: As mentioned earlier, there are no real units stationed at Fort Mackall but at Fort Bragg with this base being the training camp.

Housing: The base does not offer housing but military personnel and their families can find housing via Fort Bragg by contacting Corvias Military Living at 1-866-253-1217

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