Camp Leatherneck Marine is a military base in Helmand Province, in the southern part of Afghanistan and occupying a 1,600-acre territory mainly in Washir District, bordering with the British Camp Bastion military base. From its construction in 2008 and until October 26, 2014, the United States Armed Forces operated this facility. After this time, control of the base was transferred from the ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) to the Afghan Armed Forces.

Originally planned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) teaming up with the German Europe District FEST-A, the base can host 2,000 to 15,000 troops from an estimated number of 26,000 increasing forces, and was featured in a National Geographic documentary back in 2010. This modern base was home to the 25th NCR (25th Naval Construction Regiment) of the U.S. Marine Corps, sharing operations with the British forces stationed at Camp Bastion.

The departure of the Marine Corps from Camp Leatherneck was part of the withdrawal of the majority of foreign soldiers in Afghan territory, set to be completed by December 31, 2014, the day in which the mission of those troops ended. Up to date, there are around 12,500 foreign troops in Afghan territory. American troops will remain in the country to fight counterterrorism after Taliban attacks in the area. These troops will be training both Afghan soldiers and policies before departing definitely by 2016.

Cost of Living: Helmand Province characterizes by the poverty line of the region. The cost of living is high, as it is also the percentage of unemployed or employed but underpaid people, including local police officers, whose average salary is the equivalent of $165 USD a month, while the approximate cost of living in the area is of $430 USD.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: Contact Telephone Number is + (301) 330-7656 or call the Marine Corps Institute in the USA that expedites the receipt and routing of phone calls just by dialing their headquarters at (202) 685-7461.

Base Population: Camp Leatherneck Marine had a population of over 40,000 soldiers at its peak moment.

City/Area Population: Helmand Province is the largest province of Afghanistan with over 1,000 small villages, from which Lashkar Gah is the provincial capital, and the closest city to Camp Leatherneck Marine. This city had a population of 201,546 people in 2006

Child Development Centers: There are no Child Development Centers in Camp Leatherneck Marine Base.

Youth Programs: No more Youth Programs are conducted in this military facility.

Family Readiness Center: Camp Leatherneck Marine Base has been gradually vacated since the withdrawal of foreign troops, and therefore there Family Readiness Centers are nonexistent as of today.

Employment: Except for the military troops temporarily in duty to train Afghan forces, there are no more employment opportunities at Camp Leatherneck Marine Base.

Base Services: No services are available in or around Camp Leatherneck Marine Base.

History: Back in 2008, the Second Marine Expeditionary Brigade with 4,000 Marines arrived to Camp Leatherneck Marine Base accompanied by civilian contractors that soon began their duty, despite the personnel had to sleep in large tents housing 100 soldiers each. In the beginning, the base was no more than these tents and earth filled Hesco barriers to protect the camp that, shortly after, would be improved and expanded with the aid of Naval Mobile Construction Battalions.

In 2010, Camp Leatherneck Marine Base had turned into a modern military facility where over 20,000 Marines and contractors lived in single story prefabricated buildings with climate control that provided comfortably living and superior training facilities and services. Based on poverty surrounding the area, a controversy was raised by the U.S. Ombudsman for Afghanistan reconstruction about an extravagant $36 million headquarters building to be constructed in the Camp Leatherneck Marine Base, controversy after which a renowned Military General requested the cancellation of such project

Although the Taliban remain as an enemy force in the area, Camp Leatherneck Marine is far from Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan, the factor that gives confidence to the U.S. and NATO troops that, with further training, the Afghan soldiers can fight terrorism on their own.

Units: Camp Leatherneck Marine Base was a place with thousands of stationed units and troops from the United States, the British Military force, and other allied soldiers.

Housing: There were housing facilities for the military personnel inside Camp Leatherneck Marine Base and practically none in any other area. Even though, the withdrawal of troops left the base under control of the Afghan Armed Force that has dismantled almost all the constructions in this facility.






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