Camp Kinser is a military base located in Okinawa, Japan, operated by the U.S. Marine Corps forces. Okinawa is the largest of the Okinawa Islands situated 3,000 miles south of mainland Japan, boosting a 466,000 square miles extension. This place is not only home to Camp Kinser, but hosts a population that is said to be one of longest living in the world. Even though, the strategic situation of this area has been a key factor for the U.S. Military to establish numerous army and naval bases in this territory, it is said to stress civilian life in Okinawa.

Camp Kinser Marine Corps is considered a great facility to be stationed, and therefore is common to find units in special missions stopping by this facility. Camp Kinser is the southernmost camps of nine camps subordinated to MCB Camp S. D. Butler including Camp Schwab, Camp Hansen, Camp Gonsalves, Camp Courtney, MCAS Futenma Camp Foster, and Camp Fuji, which is located in mainland Japan.

Camp Kinser was named after Elbert L. Kinser, a 21-year old Sergeant who sacrificed his life to protect his fellow soldiers during World War II at the Battle of Okinawa, being posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.

Cost of Living: Cost of off-base living in Japan is usually high despite Okinawa is the poorest province of the country, therefore military members stationed or relocated to Japan receive a cost of living allowance (COLA) to cope with their daily expenses. This stipend is depend on the rank and number of dependants a military staff may have, but usually ranging from $500 to $900, which are included in the monthly paycheck.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: The Base Operator phone is 011-81 (98) 911-5111. Note: wait for dial tone before dialing a DSN number. DSN: 315-640-1110.

Base Population: Global population of the nine Marine Corps facilities in Okinawa, including Camp Kinser, is 32,281, from whom 17,117 are Active Duty, 1,000 are Retirees, 9,741 are Family Members, and 4,415 are Civilian employees.

City/Area Population: Okinawa is a southern Japanese island, the largest of the Ryukyu Islands, with a total population of 1,389,400 inhabitants, while the population of Naha, the capital city, is of 318,000 people.

Child Development Centers: There are four Child Development centers at this facility, besides three School Age Programs and other DoD certified child care programs conducted inside the MCB Camp Butler. A Pre-school and Family Child Care center is located within the Marine Corps housing areas and there are also eight Elementary schools across Okinawa. The Child Development Center Yuimaru is located in Building 864/866, Camp Kinser, DSN 637-2296/2293, or dial off Base (98)-911-5111, and then 637-2296/2293.

Youth Programs: Children Youth and Teen Programs are DoD certified and available at Camp Butler as well. Teenagers may attend two Jr. High/Middle schools and two high schools in the area. Leisure activities for Youth and Teens are available through Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS), for information call 011-81 (98) 970-2110.

Family Readiness Center: Information on Family Services at Camp Kinser Marine Corps in Okinawa, Japan can be obtained at 011-81 (98) 970-2106 , 011-81 (98) 970 -2104, or 011-81 (98) 970-8395.

Employment: Employment opportunities at Camp Kinser are limited and usually require bilingual personnel for almost any position. For available positions call the Transition Assistance Management Program at 011-81 (98) 970-3151, DSN: (315) 645-3151.

Base Services: Camp Kinser Marine Corps has a shoppette, a fitness center, pool, library, and several other facilities and tourist attractions, including renowned restaurant, bars, water sports and many more.


The Japanese attack to Pearl Harbor in the days of World War II, detonated the need of establishing strategic logistics facilities in Okinawa to succeed in the missions soldiers had to confront. This is how Camp Kinsey was established adjacent to East China Sea, being of great relevance for the U.S Army and Department of Defense throughout the Korean War and Vietnam War.


There are several units stationed at Camp Kinser including Combat Logistics Regiment 35, Combat Logistics Regiment 37, 3rd Supply Battalion, 3rd Marine Logistics Group, and the 3rd Maintenance Battalion.


Camp Kinser houses are made of concrete; even then mold is a persistent problem in households due to the humid climate of the island. Even though, those that live on-base can enjoy free dehumidifiers during their stay. There are unfurnished and furnished apartments as well whether a long-term leasing or short-term basis. Housing in Okinawa is managed by Kadena Housing Office, phone 011-81 (98) 970-0114, DSN: 315-634-0114.






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