Camp Hansen Marine Corps Base is one of seven US. Marine facilities located on the Island of Okinawa, Japan. This base is the most important and active Training Base in Okinawa for not only US Marines but Joint Forces as well as Japanese Home Defense Forces. It is under Command of Camp S. D. Butler who is also responsible for all the other Marine Bases. Camp Hansen is the only site in Okinawa where live fire training exercises are permitted, taking place at one of their many large firing ranges. The base also houses a confinement Brig for all Military Personnel in the Far East serving short term sentences. The base is a very large facility that includes many buildings and a variety of services and is a part of the network of bases on the island and works in conjunction with them.

Cost of Living: The overall costs of living in Okinawa are quite a bit higher than stateside; however, the Military provides a cost of living allowance that makes up for the difference for Service Personnel Stationed in Okinawa.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: 011-81-98-911-5111 DSN 315-640-1110

Base Population: 6,000 US. Marines and Officers are stationed at Camp Hansen but the total from all bases on Okinawa is 17,117 Active Duty, 9,741 Family Members, 4,415 Civilian Employees and, 1000 Retirees.

City/Area Population: The Town of Kin borders Camp Hansen on the South and has a population of 11,390

Child Development Centers: The Department of Defense operates 12 Schools on Okinawa for American Military School Children, 8 Elementary, and 2 Jr. High/Middle 2 High Schools. All Education Information is handled through the School Liaison Office at Building 5677 Unit 35023 APO, AP  96373-5023 Phone 011-81-98-970-3205 DSN 315-645-3505. For Child Day Care contact the Child Development Center Resources and Referral at Mexico St. Unit 35023 Building 495 Camp Foster FPO, AP 96373 Phone 011-81-98-970-2549 DSN 315-645-2549

Youth Programs: The Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) has gone to great lengths to ensure there are plenty of activities for Youth/Teens of Service Personnel on Okinawa. There are three separate Teen and Youth Centers with Sports Activities like Baseball, Soccer, Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts, Gymnastics and even an outdoor Ice Skating Rink. Many different classes are offered like, Martial Arts, Dance Classes and, Cheerleading to name a few. For more information contact the Children Youth and Teen Programs Administration Office at Mexico St. Unit 35023 Building 495 Camp Foster FPO, AP 96373 Phone 011-81-98-2110 DSN 315-645-2110.

Family Readiness Center: Marine and Family Resources Unit 35023 Building 445 FPO, AP 96373 Phone 011-81-98-970-2104 DSN 315-645-2104

Employment: Employment opportunity is said to be very limited on Okinawa for Military Family Members unless one speaks Japanese. Contact the Transition Assistance Management Program at 011-81-98-970-3151 DSN 315-645-2104.

Base Services: Services for Military Personnel and their Families are shared between the various different Camp Bases on Okinawa; many of these Services originate from Camp Butler or Camp Foster. Some examples are the Post Exchange at Stillwill Dr. MCCS Personnel Services Center Building 445 MCB Camp Butler Okinawa, Japan 9040117 Phone DSN 315-645-8429, the Commissary at DSN 315-645-7590, Beauty and Barber Shop DSN 315-645-0984, the Chapel at Mexico St. Building 451 Camp Butler DSN 315-645-7486, a Dental Clinic at DSN 315-645-3883, Complete Fitness Center at Berry St. Building 35023 Camp Butler DSN 315-623-4831, and the Golf Course Uruma City near the Kurashiki Dam DSN 315-622-2004.


Camp Hansen first got started after the Korean War when, the Department of Defense recognized the need for strong Far East Military presents and Staging Area. Okinawa was already occupied by US Forces since the end of WW2 and this Island was a good central location to build such facilities as would be needed for all branches of the Armed Forces. Most of the troops at Camp Hansen are from the 3rd Marines Expeditionary Force which was formed in 1942 as an Amphibious Assault Force and fought throughout the Pacific in WWII. They kept this title through the Vietnam War and in 1971 they settled on Okinawa as a headquarters. It remains a critically important Training Base for our Joint Forces and the Japanese.


Headquarters 12th Marines Regiment, DSN 315-623-4141, the 4th Marines, DSN 315-625-2600, COM Fleet Activities, DSN 315-632-7653, Headquarters 1st MAW, DSN 315-645-7218, Mobile Construction Battalion, DSN 315-632-4016. These are among the largest Units at Camp Hansen, Others include the 3rd intelligence Battalion, 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion and, and the 7th Communications Battalion.


All Housing on Base or off Base for all branches of Service on Okinawa is handled by the Housing Office located on Kadena Air Base. Contact the Housing Office Marine Liaison at 011-81-98-961-0114 DSN 315-634-0114.






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    Trying to get my son home to see an immediate member of his family who is terminal with an inoperable brain cancer before it’s too late! I need to know who to speak to. I have already spoken to the Red Cross, my son is aware of the situation. He has spoken to his sergeant I need them to know that his grandmother is is imediate family! He did not have a father growing up, it was my mother ( his grandmother) and myself who raised him. He was with her every day of his life until he left for the marine corps. I need them to take this into consideration when deciding whether they want to send him home to see he. Please let him come home to see his grandmother before it’s too late. Who do I contact to talk to about this situation? Please help me!!


    • Clinton M Carr. HM1 USN RETIRED





      You should speak with his unit chaplain then his unit commanding officer. The mission will dictate however the command does view on case by case issues.


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    We just found out that my niece (raised as daughter) and her husband are moving to Okinawa as he will be stationed at Camp Hansen. They have a 1 yr old and a 4 yr old. I would love a packet of information on Camp Hansen. We know NOTHING. Does the housing have appliances–and if so what? Is there air conditioning (asthma concerns)? Does the base have a commissary and px? Is there a Walmart there? What are the nicer hotels close to Camp Hansen so our family can visit? My niece is an RN—is there a hospital on that base? Are there American style restaurants close by? Where do people buy vehicles (we were told they have to sell their cars-can’t take them there!) How safe is it to live there? What are the crime rates and what are the ‘bad areas’ on the island to stay away from? Is there a movie theatre close by? What is the best flight route for family members to take when they visit from Ohio?


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